Dinesh Jain


Dinesh Jain

Inspiring, innovative and caring are a few words that embody Dinesh Jain – a man who with sheer will and parental wisdom etched out history in corporate world under the name of DJ Group in just a few years. What started as a mission in 2004 with Pan Bahar brand has become a movement by marking a global presence now.

As a leader he has always led from the front. Believing in the philosophy that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, only then you are a leader”. So he decided to begin where his father had left, i.e. by relaunching their family brand which he owned – Pan Bahar. Nobody gave him a chance then. But in just about 5 years, he turned the tides in the market and catapulted the brand that has today found its deserving place within Top 3 brands of traditional mouth fresheners in India. All through this journey, he has had support of close family associate Mr Ashok Chaturvedi in whatever he created.

But according to his vision, the brand Pan Bahar was not to rest in its new found glory or laurels by just being among the top. He wanted to challenge the status quo in the market and that did by launch of Pan Bahar Crystal. a brand extension that has taken the market by storm. With it’s unique offering of real silver and gold as ingredients and a packaging that has merited global awards one after another, the brand has found patron among connoisseurs of taste. And no wonder it has become the ‘Most Expensive Pan Masala’ in the world.

He believes that we all should reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. We should dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. As a visionary, he was not content by just redefining the traditional mouth freshener category in India. So he expanded his wings to enter the Hospitality sector. Once again starting from ground zero, he has managed to stamp his unmistakable mark in this sector also.

Hospitality journey began with developing an exclusive hotel Fortune Park DJ Avenue in the heart of Delhi, which soon became New Delhi’s destination of choice for celebrating the good things in life.

Growing in confidence, he moved on in his quest to bring some of the world’s finest lifestyle concepts to life by launching the premiere property Country Inn, again in New Delhi. Today it is not just a hotel but a destination in itself. It has won award after award for hotel property, performance and is a Gold Circle property with certificate of excellence from prestigious rankings from Trip Advisor.

The next destination was The Park – Goa, which once again has acquired the prestigious status of ‘Best Boutique Beach Resort’ in Goa. And Conde Nast – the global travellers Bible has ranked it among the top 60 hotels. Once again proving that wherever he goes, landmarks follow Mr. Dinesh Jain is charting new frontiers in Hospitality and Boutique Hotels industry.

The growth curve of the group under his able stewardship is now foraying into healthcare, packaging and entertainment sector in a big way and soon new success stories will unfold to awe and inspire us all.

For his team and his family his is a profile in excellence. But he himself believes that he is standing tall because he has broad shoulders of his friends, family and DJ Group team that have taken him to the heights of success. Sharing the fruits of success with society comes naturally to him, but he refrains from talking about it as a mark of respect to beneficiaries. To his friends, he is a philosopher, to his family he is a motivator and to his team, he remains their friend, guide and an inspiring leader who leads them from the front with clear vision and and infectious humility.