More than 60% of buying online occurs based on the reviews that are seen online

More than 60% of buying online, occurs based on the reviews that are seen ONLINE: Manu Jolly, Founder – Digiperform

With over 84% 4G network availability, India has emerged as the strong and high potential country in terms of Digitalization and has been constantly on the parallel path to break all the barriers in online marketing. Where the Buyer of India is Digital already, incorporating Digital Marketing Training will help to understand the mindset of online consumers for designing better “Online Business Strategies”

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Digiperform, Manu Jolly

“With India’s Internet Population crossing over 465 million in 2017, our country has been experiencing rapid strides of progress with an evolving payments landscape, universal access to mobile connectivity, online Aadhar card-linking, Public Internet Access Programme, online ordering, digital jobs and many more internet innovations.

The direct influence of the governance has been shifted completely to E-governance by keeping “Digital India Initiative” in mind. With the same advancements, the businessmen, as well as young talents, are in need to understand the working and psychology of online consumers and get skilled through Digital Marketing Training to win over their competitors and earn potential clients as well as job opportunities.”

Why businesses need Digital Marketing?

Today the Internet is the most powerful business tool in India and has seen a tremendous growth in past few years due to easy availability of smartphones and tabs. With an explosive growth in internet technology and base of more than 150 million 4G users, from research to shopping, banking to customer support, everything has become handy and people are getting used to this digital lifestyle. Likewise,



Consumer tolerance is reducing at an alarming level and they are not afraid to try out new things as well. This urge should definitely make businesses to think and experiment through same mediums to reach out their potential clients. Competition is cutthroat. And, with the rise in the number of players in the market, it is exceedingly becoming costlier for businesses to acquire new visitors at the same time.

How can Digital Marketing Training help?

In the coming years, Indian economy is expected to emerge as one of the leading economies in the World and likely to become a $5 trillion economy by 2025 where the major impetus is being given to strengthening the backbone of our economy by the SME sector.


  • The number of SMEs which is estimated to be at 42.50 million (registered and non-registered together).

  • SMEs employ about 106 million which is 40% of India’s total workforce.


Comprehending the significance of the SME sector vis-a-vis lending numbers to the job market, contribution to GDP and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, getting skilled with Digital Marketing Training can work as a wonder in all the parameters.

The akin learning initiative can aim at bringing the huge gap that exists between the business’ digital marketing skill needs and the availability of professionally trained fresh talents. In the same respect, Digiperform’s Digital Marketing Executive Course is a first-of-its-kind training initiative created after surveying job as well as business requirements of over 450 small and big enterprises and corporate houses with in-house wings located in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

The survey results showed that high attrition rate, low job-readiness, sub-standard presentation skills and shaky marketing foundation knowledge are the four major issues plaguing companies while hiring a fresher. With digital marketing training, the young talents especially freshers can overcome with all these barriers and get acknowledged by the top companies within the demand.

Suggestion for the Better Development:

The marketing and innovation are two vital functions of any business to succeed. By harnessing the right marketing and creating innovative online strategies, anyone can bring the desired results in the business. Digital Marketing Training allows you to innovate with your marketing ideas and inculcate them to get the desired results with a click away. The innovative content and mobile focussed digital marketing strategies can help businesses to create experiences that customers can literally fall in love, with smoother and more productive operations.

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