Vivek_KanadeVivek kanade, Executive Director, Siemens Helthineers delves into more than 120 years long global history of providing innovative healthcare solutions. 


How does Siemens Healthineers (India ) consistently generate trust with the consumer according to the mission and values to the brand ?
Siemens Healthineers is one of the leading providers of high end equipment for Medical Imaging & Laboratory Diagnostics. We believe in delivering seamless service quality to our customers. Siemens Healthineers has always kept at forefront the delivery of quality healthcare facilities to mankind. For instance, we have deployed instant Siemens Remote Services which helps in detecting problems of machines installed in hospitals or diagnostic centres with minimum hassle and cost even before the end user could understand and rectify the problem. This remote service system helps the facility to continue without any interruption and also in turn becomes cost effective for the service provider, which can help patients from lower economic strata to be diagnosed at a lower cost.

Currently there are two visible challenges in India – Affordability and Accessibility. Hi-end technology is available but it is not affordable or accessible to masses, because 70% of our population is still staying in rural India. Basically, 70% of healthcare is urban. This is a very skewed ratio. Penetration of health insurance is still low and that’s the affordability challenge. Another challenge is scarcity of the talent pool (skilled resources) and poor infrastructure. Technology like telemedicine is significantly under explored today.

Our moto of providing International quality healthcare facility with new innovative products and quality service has been the key to success of Siemens Healthineers in India.

How does the Siemens Healthineers(India) hold its legacy and the maintain its market position ?
We have always focused on the new product innovation. Siemens have over the years designed some path breaking innovative products which have helped in early stage diagnosis of diseases. It has effectively helped in timely remedy of disease, increasing human lifespan.
Innovation is one of the core values of Siemens Healthineers and we have been significantly working on it and delivering the best quality innovative product solutions. We are known globally for our high end Research & Development, and have constantly been focusing on the same through our R&D centre in India.

What is the total manpower engaged in all of your production/service facilities?
Siemens Healtineers has a manpower force of 1600 through all our production & service facilities.

What is the unique factor that differentiates Siemens Healthcare from other industry participants?
We have a long global history of more than 120 years of providing innovative healthcare solutions — dedicated to improving healthcare and helping to make the impossible possible. In India as well, our presence has been more than 50 years and since then our association with our customers has only become strong. We are the only organization with in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics solutions. With our new strategy we have broadened our portfolio into Surgery and Molecular Diagnostics. We have two manufacturing set ups in India – Goa and Baroda. We have 23 sales and service locations. We have one R&D center where we develop software for the entire global Siemens Healthineers.
We are known for our Service solutions. We have very unique solutions for instance Siemens Remote Services, wherein issues are solved remotely before the problem arises, thereby proactively avoiding machine downtime, which is big factor in healthcare, because you are dealing with human life.