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Deadly Everest avalanche kills at least 12 Sherpas
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Deadly Everest avalanche kills at least 12 Sherpas

A high altitude avalanche has killed at least 12 local climbers and left several others injured in one of the deadliest accidents involving the world’s highest peak.

Thai PM ousted
by court

A Thai court has removed PM Yingluck Shinawatra for abuse of power, plunging the country deeper into political crisis. The 46-year-old Shinawatra had been accused of abuse of power in transferring her national security chief. Shinawatra belongs to Thailand’s powerful Shinawatra clan and is the sister of the country’s former PM, Thaksin Shinawatra.
East Ukraine votes against Kiev
Eastern Ukraine’s regions of Donetsk and Lugansk voted for political independence from Kiev amid rising violence which has claimed more than 50 lives in Odessa and Mariupol as pro-Kiev forces intensified military operations before meeting stiff civil resistance from pro-Russian people.
Pakistani minorities fl eeing to Sri Lanka
UNHCR has reported an increase in Pakistani refugees arriving in Sri Lanka. The number of asylum seekers had increased to 1,489 in 2013 from just 102 in 2012. Most of the asylum seekers are Christians or Ahmadiyya, an Islamic sect.
South Korean PM quits over ferry disaster
South Korean PM Chung Hong-won resigned on April 27 after a ferry sank on April 16 with over 300 people, mostly schoolchildren, dead or missing. Hong-won’s resignation came amid allegations by the relatives of the victims that government was not prompt in its rescue efforts.
Beijing to US: HK China’s internal affair
Beijing has issued stern warnings to Washington, asking the latter not to Interfere in Hong Kong’s internal Affairs. US Vice- President Joseph Biden had recently met two prominent pro-democracy advocates who warned of China’s tightening control of the territory.
Tension escalates
in South China Sea

Vietnam accused China of deliberately ramming its ships while China accused Vietnam of disrupting drilling activities and demanded withdrawal of all Vietnamese vessels from the disputed area.
South Korea
investigates suspected drones

According to officials in Seoul, two suspected drones from North Korea have crashed in South Korea. “We are investigating the drone that crashed into Baengnyeong Island with the assumption that it is North Korean,” an official statement read.
UN urges Qatar to
reform labour laws

The UN has expressed concern over the exploitation of construction and domestic workers in Qatar and urged the country to abolish a sponsorship system that ties migrant workers to their employers.
Israel to export
gas to Egypt

The owners of an Israeli gas field have reached an agreement to export 2.5 trillion cubic feet of the natural resource to Egypt. The deal between Tel Aviv and Cairo is expected to be signed within six months.
Iran, six powers hold ‘useful’ talks on the nuclear issue
Ahead of political talks, nuclear experts from Iran and six world powers had “a useful meeting”. An EU spokesperson said that talks were aimed at “further deepening” of knowledge on the issue.
Syria: old hotel destroyed
Rebel fighters are believed to have detonated explosives, bringing down a once luxurious historic hotel in the northern Syrian town of Aleppo. Earlier rebels evacuated and surrendered Homs, Syria’s third largest city.
Deadly mudslide in Afghanistan
A fast moving mudslide in Aab Bareek village in Badakhshtan province swallowed hundreds and left no trace of almost 300 homes. Poor mud roads made the job of aid workers difficult as the roads were unable to take the load of heavy vehicles needed for rescue.
Indonesia: anxiety before poll results
The world’s third largest democracy is awaiting the verdict of a 12-party contest. Under Indonesia’s complex electoral rules, a party needs at least 25 per cent of the popular votes or 20 per cent of the seats to be able to nominate its own candidate for the presidential race.
EU bans Indian mangoes
EU member states have banned the import of five fruits and vegetables from India which include mangoes on the ground that they contain harmful organisms. The ban came into effect from May 1.
FBI agent arrested in Pakistan
A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent was reportedly arrested in Pakistan while he was trying to board a flight, Pakistani authorities said.
44 Indians selected for one way trip to Mars
Forty four Indians, including 17 women, are among 705 people shortlisted for the one-way trip planned by Mars One in 2024. Applicants for the same came from over 140 countries. More than 20,000 Indians had applied for the trip.
India’s own payment network ‘RuPay’ launched
India launched its own payment network gateway – ‘RuPay’ – equivalent of Visa and Mastercard. RuPay, which works in ATMs, Point of Sales (POS) and online, is the seventh such payment gateway in the world.
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