Choe Peng Sum

Choe Peng Sum

80-Choe-Peng-Sum“We must be prepared to roll up our sleeves and do the work.” said the CEO of Frasers Hospitality to his management team, and went with his management to the housekeeping department and told them that they didn’t have to do the rooms if they felt uncomfortable. This was the time when Frasers Hospitality had hit a low and yet, despite the worsening situations, all employees stood by Peng Sum as they believed in him, and he, in them. About 15 years back when Peng Sum was told in a conference room on his first day, “Go, start the business.” even he couldn’t have imagined this future for himself and the organisation. Having expanded beyond wildest of dreams for any entrepreneur. In the market today, Choe Peng Sum stands with his head proudly held high.

With a cooperative team, of new and candid minds, topped up with hard work Peng Sum’s venture soon escalated to heights people had not even dreamed of. Frasers’ first service apartments were launched in 1998 and within six months, the occupancy rate surpassed 80 per cent. The rest is history. This Shangri-La scholarship awardee and Cornell University alumnus underwent the company’s management trainee programme that gave him exposure to every department, even the less glamorous ones. He was a receptionist, a bell man, a steward and was attached to the butchery. But now with over 30 years of experience in this industry, it comes as no surprise that he plays advisor to many of his friends’ children who are interested in making a career in the hospitality industry.

Key Attributes that make him a leader Knowing the importance of work-life balance, he introduced the five-day work week at Frasers Hospitality in 1998, an unprecedented move in the hospitality industry in Singapore and Asia.

His experience of over 30 years is his strength, and he leverages his expertise and understanding,of the industry to conquer greater heights.

His being considerate motivates people to stay around him and learn from him all the time.

He had held senior management positions with Shangri-La Singapore and Shangri-La Shanghai, China before joining Fraser and Neave and was already well-versed in the workings of the industry.

His grounded demeanour instills a very strong feeling in people around him that this is everyone’s organization.