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CHANDRASEKAR RADHAKRISHNAN – Senior VP & Head of Communication, Nestlé
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CHANDRASEKAR RADHAKRISHNAN – Senior VP & Head of Communication, Nestlé

CHANDRASEKAR RADHAKRISHNAN, Senior VP & Head of Communication, Nestlé

CHANDRASEKAR RADHAKRISHNAN – Senior VP & Head of Communication, Nestlé

If passion is the engine that drives him, then imagination is the fuel for it. While he might have taken an oft-trodden path, the hint of maverick in him makes him navigate it differently and that’s what gives him joy in all that he does, in work and in life.

To forsake the mundane and embrace the new has been the guiding light in his professional and personal life. He has focused his professional efforts in building strong corner stones and developing clear understanding of consumer issues, to shape the brand and business strategy.

In a career spanning over 16 years, he has amassed functional skills in the areas of sales and marketing, working across different industries in different capacities. Currently working as the Head of Communication for Nestlé, and earlier as Head of Brand with Airtel, Category Head with Marico and Group Product Manager with Britannia, he has built strong businesses, compelling brands and great teams.

Drafting a sustainable profitable growth story for Saffola by repositioning the brand to appeal to younger adults; driving equity for Airtel brand by making it more human and real; driving consumption for coffee in India by repositioning the Nescafe’ brand for the young and refreshing the marketing mix; strengthening corporate equity of the Nestlé brand through sustained product brand efforts and launching the internationally acclaimed initiative #ShareYourGoodness are some of the highlights of his marketing career.

Chandru strongly believes in the power of meaningful communication in building brands and businesses. He has an innate flair for advertising and inspires creative teams to deliver outstanding work. He has won many marketing accolades for his communication work, especially for Airtel, Saffola and Nescafé. He has earned global recognition in Nestlé for shaping the digital communication strategy, by building the digital acceleration team (DAT) setup in India. This setup has redefined the way Nestlé develops communication content and handles digital assets.

Connecting with different people, travelling to new places, eating exotic cuisines…all excite him. The story-teller in him is intrigued and inspired by the dream world of celluloid since childhood… watching movies of different genres and languages is not just his favorite hobby, but an integral part of his life.

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