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Honours to the Fastest Growing Brands in India for 2015-2016

1. Kabir Bedi honoring brand excellence to the fastest growing brands.
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2. TBD Tradelink being awarded with Fast50 brands, 2016.
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3. Preeti Patkar and Kabir Bedi Unveiling Fast50 winners.
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4. Expression of Glory..
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5. Testimony of brand’s value, strength and character.
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6. Defining moment for Talent edge.
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7. Trailblazing.
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8. Proliferators and Game-changers.
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9. Hangyo Ice-cream being acknowledged for its success in its respective industry.
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10. Resolute and Resonance.
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11. Aspiring towards great heights.
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12. Marya Day is a unique leading brand of India promoted with three core business areas.
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13. Fast50 2016 Brand Awards.
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14. The Antriksh has emerged as one of the leading real estate development firms in India.
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15. Artius is the pioneer in India to design and manufacture Solid wood window and doors system.
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16. Jumping on the bandwagon.
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17. Cona Electricals receiving Fast50 2016.
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18. Landsliding Victory.
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19. GreatWhite Electricals, is a vision of a group that once pioneered the first ‘Piano’ switches.
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20. Brands having the world by its tail.
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21. A Roaring Success.
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22. Kalamandir receiving its award for its blockbuster success.
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Advocating for change, First Step initiative builds a wider movement for educational equity in the country.

1. An exuberant panel discussion with Mr. Viraj Kalra marking a movement towards educational equity.
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2. Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan Group of Institutions.
24 copy
3. Veena Poonacha, Director, Research Centre for Women Studies.
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4. Anirudh Deshpande talks of his initiatives driven by focus.
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5. Priti Patkar reaching out to young Indians and changing their mindsets.
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6. Educational inequity lay in a people’s movement to come together.
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PRIDE OF INDIA (Maharashtra Edition)

WCRC salutes the artistic credo of impecable living legends for their contribution to allied branches of knowledge and innovation.

1. Living legend, Dharemndra inaugurates the Pride ceremony.
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2. Actor Mukesh Khanna lights the lamp.
3. Dharmendra felicitates Kabir Bedi as the Most Versatile Legendary actor.
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4. Abhimanyu Ghosh, editor-in-chief WCRC honors veteran actor Dharmendra Deol.
4 copy
5. Kabir Bedi gives his acceptance speech.
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6. Grand Launch of WCRC Leaders Asia Pride of India and Fast 50 by Kreanne Rabadi,Director CRY, Dharmendra Deol, Actor,Abhimanyu Ghosh, editor-in-chief WCRC,Mukesh Khanna, Actor.
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7. Uninhibited and spontaneous, Kareena Kapoor Khan receives Pride of India award from Veteran Actor Dharmendra Deol.
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8. Kareena Kapoor poses at the Pride of India Summit.
9. Zoya Akhtar and Dharmendra Deol at Pride of India Summit 2016.
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10. Zoya Akhtar acknowledges the industry as she receives the Most Impactful Director award.
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11. Grace Pinto, MD, Ryan International Group with Dharmendra Deol.
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12. Contemporary Indian fiction writer Amish Tripathi receives award from Dharmendra Deol.
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13. An accompalished classical vocalist of new generation, Mahesh Kale receives award.
14. Maharashtra’s real estate giant Niranjan Hiranandani receives Pride of India award from Mukesh khanna.
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15. Sajid-Wajid receives Pride of India for their unbeatable force in the world of music.
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16. Anjali Bhagwat, Indian shooting queen.
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17. Poorva Joshipura, Vice President of International Operations with PETA Foundation,UK and CEO PETA India.
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18. Veena Poonacha, Director, RCWS,Philathropist with Mukesh Khanna.
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19. Co-Founder and Director of Prerana, Pritika Patkar receives Pride for several path breaking social interventions.
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20. Tentpole to innovation, Anirudha Deshpande with Mukesh Khanna.
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21. Internationally acclaimed actor Kabir Bedi at the Pride of India Summit.

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