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Buthaina Al Ansari

85-Buthaina-Al-AnsariIn Qatar, Buthaina Al Ansari, senior director of human resources at Qatar Telecom and an awardwinning businesswoman, is busy changing the way women do business in her country.

Using her education in human resources and business disciplines from universities in Qatar, London and Cairo, she founded Qatariat in 2009, after observing that Qatari women were not rising up the corporate ladder.

“I came from the banking sector and saw that women were not leading, but only reaching middle-management levels. I wanted to help move them up to senior level positions,” explains Buthaina, who was listed in Arabian Business’ 100 Most Powerful Women for three consecutive years (2011-2013).

Buthaina’s company incorporates three entities – Qatariat Training and Development; Qatariat Development Consultancy; and Qatariat Magazine – all which support women in one way or another.

“I want to take the lead and create change in my country, by empowering women through different initiatives. Like women in other parts of the world, we want to be role models for our kids – this will not come by staying at home,” she says on a philosophical note.

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