Known for its active participation in various projects along with its affordable fee structure, Bunda Mulia International School (BMIS), Jakarta, started enrolling students in 2005.

The school mainly has three segments – pre-school or ‘early childhood’, primary and secondary. The ‘early childhood’ has students who are aged between one-and-a-half and six years. Standard English, music, mathematics, Mandarin and physical education programmes are provided at all levels.

BMIS follows the curriculum laid down by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) – the not-for-profit part of the University of Cambridge. The Cambridge International Programme (CIP) has two sections – the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) which is for the students who are in the third to sixth standards and the Cambridge Examination Section which is for the students who are in the seventh to twelfth standards. At the primary school level, the fourth and fifth grade students are made to join the school’s ‘home economics club’. Here, after-school activities are conducted which teach the students basic stuff like simple food preparation, doing household chores, bookkeeping, sewing and other crafts. Some of the activities they conducted in their recent past include burger making, simple accounting, placemat and coaster making and basics of using cutlery and catering.

The school engages its students in various projects to help them hone their basic time and money management skills. Some of these projects are ‘go green project’ where students are encouraged to plant vegetables and fruits in the school’s backyard; ‘energy saving project’ where students are motivated to adopt the philosophy of recycle-reuse-reduce; and ‘community service programme’ where the school works closely with HOPE worldwide Indonesia in order to develop its students into becoming better human beings.

To support all this, the school also has suitable infrastructure. It has an auditorium, a well-maintained backyard for farming purposes, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, outdoor swimming pool and well-equipped science and Information Technology laboratories.


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