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Bibinogs, founded by Desiree Ng-chen, nurtures intelligence in the minds of children right from the age of 1.5 years to 7-plus years in three districts of Singapore.
The Curriculum covers the age-appropriate learning of the child through the Multiple- Intelligences approach by tapping on the innate intelligence of every child for the most effective learning result. It also covers key learning areas of Cognitive Awareness, Numeracy, Language, Creative Arts, Music, Motor Skills and Aesthetics expression from Pre-nursery to the Kindergarten levels. The curriculum aims to nurture independent, socially responsible and self-confident young individuals.
Besides using English as the key language in delivering classroom subject matters, Bibinogs believe in developing effective communicators who are also highly bilingual through the integration of Mandarin in every day learning context. Dedicated resources and substantial hours are used for successful language acquisition for both native and foreign speakers of the languages.
Every learning context in Bibinogs is to inspire curiosity and guide young children to think critically and consider multiple perspectives beyond the learning in the classroom. Each of these contexts aims to prepare students to appreciate cultural diversity and to become compassionate, responsible and effective citizens of their local and global communities.

Key Features
1. Bibinogs advocates a studentcentered, interactive approach that emphasize listening, speaking, reading, and writing in early literacy development.
2. The foundation towards becoming competent and positive communicators starts with nurturing effective readers, writers, and speakers.
3. The concept of adopting multiple approaches to each topic or theme during each of the classes provides a participative atmosphere of learning giving a dissimilar experience of education

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