Rabeth-KhanEvery success has a journey, and the ones who cherish that are the ones who never stop travel¬ling. Bhupinder Singh Kochar is one such name in the personal care industry, Chairman of Vi-John group, one of the largest shaving cream manufactur¬ers in the world. His father’s venture, irony of which is irrefutable – a Sikh family marketing shaving cream, was started while he was eight years old. He says that his whole family has dedicated their minds and hearts in making this name outrun all other competitors. His father’s vision then, that an English name might make the brand grow, was surprisingly accurate. It was his acumen as a leader that brought about an evolution in the industry and enabled the company to achieve success beyond comparison.

They have handsomely tapped the North, East, West and Southern regions of India. Handled now by the 3rd generation of the Kochar family, his guidance has constantly proved to be indispensible. Being the only one left from the second generation, he believes it remains his responsibility to keep alive his fathers ethos. Hard work comes naturally to Bhupinder Kochar, as he spent his formative years watching his father toil hard to make the business grow. Under his vigilant eye the Vi-John brand, over all the years, has introduced a portfolio of grooming products, that include shaving creams, shaving foams and gels, hair removal creams, fairness creams, skin creams, almond hair oils, talcum powders and toothpastes in a num¬ber of variants. The company also makes deodorants and perfumes, branded Cobra and Archies.



  • His precision helps him channel his energies in the direction most benefiting for his organization.
  • His hard-word is a blessing of inheritance thatenables him keep intact the morals and norms set at the time of inception.
  • His confidence in what he does is almost disarming. They way he promotes his brands and believes in his journey makes his work commendable.
  • His experience and analytical acumen helps him expand and pick up the right opportunities at the right time.
  • It is his thoughtful insight that has helped him in creating strategically aligned Joint Ventures to keep growing the profitability of his enterprise in the future.

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