Established in 1962, Bangkok University (BU) is one of the largest and oldest private universities in Thailand.

BU has successfully implemented the quality assurance reviewing system established under the National Education Act, 1999. Every school and department is evaluated on the basis of its performance and effectiveness with respect to the academic standards set by the system. Additionally, the Office of Education Standards and Evaluation (OESE), Ministry of Education, examines BU’s quality assurance implementation.

Its curriculum supports courses both in English and Thai. The courses offered in Thai language are bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business administration, communication arts, economics, law, humanities, and science with majors in fine & applied arts, computer science and engineering. The courses offered in English language are run at Bangkok University International College (BUIC). It provides courses in the communication arts, business administration, humanities and accounting.

BU’s graduate school conducts the MBA programme in English language. The programme is fully accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs, the only accreditation authority of Thailand. The school started a Masters of Arts in Communication Arts programme in 1989.

To become a part of the university, students ought to fulfil minimum eligibility criteria. The criteria can be classified into two sets. According to the first, the candidates must have a high school diploma and official transcript or other equivalent certification. Thai students ought to have their certificates approved by the Ministry of Education. All native English speakers and those who hold an English proficiency score report, i.e. either TOEFL (61 iBT), IELTS (5.0 in all bands), or SAT (1000 Critical Reading and Mathematics sections) are exempted from the BU International entrance examination. As per the second, applicants must have a six Grade 12 certificate or a high level vocational certificate, or its equivalent approved by the Ministry of Education. Candidates should have a GDE certificate & diploma and an International Baccalaureate certificate with scores not lower than 4 in at least 5 subjects.

The university’s primary campus is located in the central business district of Bangkok. It is equipped with laboratories, classrooms, seminar rooms, libraries, computer centres and an indoor sports centre. The campus also has the Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), an art gallery which was inaugurated in 2006. The university’s second Rangsit campus is located roughly 14 km north of the old Bangkok International Airport.
So far, some 100,000 students have graduated from Bangkok University, and are well-placed, in both, national and international organisations.