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banExtracting the best out of nature while working closely with life sciences, BAN Labs is the place where nature cures health and beauty ailments. With a vision to make Ayurvedic secrets known to every individual, BAN Labs began its journey in 1966 under the Chairmanship of its founder Dr. D. K. Patel. in the later years, as Mr. Maulesh Ukani, current Managing Director of BAN Labs, took up the mantle of the leadership of this elixir empire, he continued to steer it towards the global platform, besides promoting the core essence of Ayurveda. With a philosophy of curing ailments from its root, BAN Parivaar (Family) has come a long way by spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda. Today, with strong support from the medical fraternity, valued trade partners and millions of satisfied customers, BAN Labs continue to strive to build a dream organization.

# Key Features
Pioneer of a “hair treatment range” designed with the Kshir Pak Vidhi (ancient manufacturing process) for better efficacy of the product.
Outstanding Export Award (2009-2010) by Government of India.

Modern manufacturing facilities in Himalayan valley at Dehradun and Ponta Sahib, and an advanced Research and Development centre (accredited by Ministry of Science, GoI) have further strengthened the decades-old trust placed by its customers. The ultra modern international standard facilities produce quality products at affordable rates under the supervision of highlyqualified professionals and experts.
BAN Labs’ commitment to excellence is evident in its modern, state-of-the-art facility where herbal and healthcare products are developed with care and manufactured to meet with international standards in quality and efficiency.
The high performance facility is equipped to produce herbal medicines, dietary supplement products, hair care, beauty care, personal care, soaps and cosmetic products.
Maintaining the highest quality standards to produce the best products is a core value at BAN Labs. Quality is checked, maintained and verified at every stage of production i.e. from procurement to delivery. All products are manufactured under rigid supervision of highly specialized experts, well conversant with in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda as well as modern manufacturing concepts.
Nurturing health from past four decades, Ban Labs personifies the utilities of its products under the brand name, SESA, its popularity is due to its unique formula of 18 healing herbs, 5 nourishing oils and milk processed with “Kshirpak Vidhi” an unique process mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic Scriptures, which makes SESA a complete remedy and balanced diet to have healthy hair. Reaffirming faith in the Ayurvedic relief system, Ban Labs has successfully revived the heritage with longevity of health and beauty of its patrons.
Research and Development is a base to provide high quality products, and recognizing that, BAN, have developed an in-house research and development center, recognized by Ministry of Science, Government of India. Each and every product is a result of formulation that has been duly researched and tested under stringent quality norms. Over and above, BAN has received patents for five of its products, which were researched and developed at its in-house R&D center.

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