Ballentine’s -The Brand of the Year 2017

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Ballentine’s -The Brand of the Year 2017

“Be yourself, be authentic, be genuine and the stories that you live will deserve to be toasted”
Blending was in George Ballantine’s nature. He started with tea and spices as a lad, but soon moved to malts once he discovered the ambition that comes with one’s own self-belief.
Ballantine’s Finest is the oldest recipe in the current range, created in 1910 by the Ballantine’s family. There are more than 40 malts and grains in this blend which are carefully selected from 4 different iconic Scottish whisky regions.
It is an inimitable whisky that has stayed true to its heritage & craftsmanship since 1827. Ballantine’s has always been committed to making the finest Scotch whisky, using the same methods pioneered by founder George Ballantine in 1827. The brand’s belief in ‘Staying True’ has ensured that the whisky’s quality has never wavered and that more people across the world enjoy it today than ever before.
Societal pressure of conformity is robbing us of our individuality. The brands tone of voice is ‘Real & Unscripted’, ‘Positive & Inviting’. The brand has always inspired its consumers to have the conviction to stay true to their passions.
Pernod Ricard India aims to act and to be recognized as the leader of responsibility in the Alcohol Industry through the Company’s commitment to promoting responsible drinking, protecting the planet, developing communities, engaging partners and empowering employees, all with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Promote responsible drinking: Keeping the objective of inculcating a culture of responsible drinking in mind and spreading the message of don’t drink and drive, Pernod Ricard India initiated a program to hold a short interactive session conducted by employees to young employees in corporate across India – which helped them in getting a better perspective on the correct way of consuming alcohol
The brand promotes responsible drinking , developing communities and engaging with all its partners and protecting the planet.
The Ballantine’s City satellite edition packs were introduced in Travel retail – a one of its kind pack which truly captures the essence of each city.
The target group is clear and the brand has a focused approach towards the ‘Corporate tribe’.
‘Out of Office’ is a unique and differentiated on ground experience which Ballantine’s brings to life.

  • Since 1827, America has had 40 presidents, the Catholic Church has had 15 popes, but when Sandy Hyslop became Ballantine’s Master Blender in 2006 he was only the 5th man to hold this prestigious role in 190 years.
  • In 1895, HRH Queen Victoria herself awarded Ballantine’s a Royal Warrant.
  • In 2011, world renowned whisky writer Jim Murray named the definitive Ballantine’s 17 year old as his ‘World Whisky of the Year’
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