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Avinash Jain
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Avinash Jain

Avinash Jain

“For me, my team is my leader, and I like to hear them,” is the core belief of Avinash Jain, managing director of Arise India Limited. His thinking is based on his faith in his fellow workers’ ability and his immense confidence in guiding them for a better tomorrow.

Avinash follows the timeless teachings of Chanakya and particularly applies the teachings of good leaderships to his day-to-day work philosophy. According to him, a leader is as good as his team and thus the leader has to have that charisma to take everybody together and move forward. His intuitive thinking and forward-looking vision has led to the diversification of Arise India into consumer electronics and the success achieved in the past two years. His hard work has helped the company become a Rs-1250-crore conglomerate in which millions of consumers repose their trust. Under his direction, the company has been bringing innovative technologies and products like LED TV, geysers, home & kitchen appliances. This has been a high point and a landmark achievement for a young homegrown brand like Arise. Success has come from the mantra of constantly innovating as per the changing times and bringing the latest technology to the consumers.

Avinash considers his team and his consumers to be his greatest inspiration. It is them who constantly encourage him to evolve himself and innovate according to the times and needs. He firmly believes that his team brings him real-time information about the happenings in the industry and makes it pertinent for him to follow their advice and seek their guidance on matters of importance. Of course, his family has always been his greatest source of motivation.

Avinash, along with his group, seeks to double Arise India’s revenues in the near future. His company has recently diversified into the home consumer electronics sector and seeks to expand the horizons further. Arise is entering the smartphone business with which it seeks to reach new consumers. Also, under his leadership, Arise India seeks to sneek into the consumer appliances market.

Apart from being a focussed businessman, Avinash also holds a clear vision and the passion for reaching out to his countrymen. He aims to create a value-based philanthropist outlook in India. He firmly believes that corporate social responsibility should not be an obligation but a service to the society. “We take so much from the society for our progress, we should also have a heart to give back to the society not as a compulsion but as a duty towards fellow Indians.” This is his driving force. He has initiated a social awareness programme called ‘Sangam’ which encapsulates contributions towards endeavours like girl child care and development, inspiring entrepreneurship, transformation of India into a medical hub, low-cost living, self-employment generation and extending a helping hand towards implementation of government policies.

Apart from this, he has been running an orphanage for the past15 years, by the name -‘Sweet Home’ which shelters underprivileged children who stay apart from their families due to unfortunate reasons. Under this programme, they nurture children and try to fulfil their needs.

He has been bestowed upon with various prestigious awards which include ‘Udyog Bhushan Award’ by the Society of Industry & Business Achievements, ‘Pride of the Country’ award given by minister of state for Home Affairs, Government of India, ‘Bharat Ratna Human Rights Award’ given by Shri Amod Kanth in 2012 and ‘Haryana Ratna Award.’

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