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India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018

India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018 – Powerbrands in India



India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018, powerbrands in India is the ranking of the 200 Most Valuable Brands. Regarded as India’s Greatest Brands, It based on the Parameters of Brand Value, Brand Trust, Digital Impact, Social Impact and Responsibility Impact. Trusted by the consumers, researched by ibrands 360 PLUS and DIGIPERFORM. India’s Most Valuable Brands 2018 features the ranking of 200 Brands in India spread across 50 Categories from 15 broad industries. It involves the most transparent primary & secondary research and consumer survey to establish accurate linkage between the brands and their respective consumers. The largest multi-platform ‘brand trust’ and ‘loyalty benchmark’ project involves the most prestigious brands in the Indian market that have, by virtue of their unique value propositions and attributes, established an incomparable legacy and have reinforced a profound and meaningful connect with their customers. The MOST VALUABLE BRANDS OF THE YEAR, Powerbrands in India  is a research endeavour to showcase and recognise such brands which have stamped their authority on the Indian market by virtue of their pristine credibility and enormous customer following. The premise of the project is to be able to forge a knowledge connect between various brands across industry categories all of whom have acquired ‘most valuable’ status.The idea is also to provide a mutually beneficial platform across all media formats and platforms.

#India’s Most Valuable Brands, 2018 Ranking

The differentiated concept for print, broadcast and digital media involving the most valuable brands of the year among consumers for Innovation, Aspiration, Admiration. The only brands credibility benchmark process, which concentrates on sales boost through BRANDSTUBE, a property of WCRC. Brand trust and loyalty benchmarking via Research and Analysis by ibrands 360 in the most transparent format of online survey, online voting, primary and secondary surveys, validated comprehensively by checks and balances to reinforce precision and authenticity. Most Valuable Brands of the year is based on the broad parameters of brand value proposition, brand persona, prestige, brand reinvention, social conscience, marketing connect and ‘Cult Premium’ (propensity to influence consumer action), rendering it a greater wide-sweeping and multi-dimensional competitive advantageExtremely innovative concept across all presentation formats. The largest multi-platform brand project, showcasing the chosen brands in the grandest version of printportal and broadcast media formats. Others are primarily single-medium.The most creatively designed and fascinating production exhibit for the chosen brands in the brand book.The format is poised to be more impactful than contemporary offerings. Combined with the digital component and dynamic web consumer interface on the Most Valuable Brands website and the extremely innovative print presentation, the project implies a host of engaging and far-reaching benefits , not confined to any one element of communication only. The ranking of India’s Greatest Brands. The 200 Powerbrands in India who are India’s Most Valuable Brands

India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Brands 2017


India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Brands 2017

POWER 100 – India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Brands 2016.Top 100 healthcare & wellness brands across India will form the listing of Power 100 – India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Brands 2016.
July 2016 issue of “WCRC Leaders, Asia Edition” will feature ‘Power 100 – India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Brands 2016 ‘,which will comprise the best of healthcare & wellness brands ranging from hospitals, diagnostic centre, pharma drug manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, alternative medicines & wellness centers spread all across India.
WCRC Leaders – Asia edition & ibrands 360 had conducted a independent research survey on 500 healthcare & wellness brands across India and have short listed top 200. The final listing & feature of top 100 brands would be selected from the list of top 200 brands.

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aiimsALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES – India’s Most Trusted Education Brand 2017

Creating a country imbued with a scientific culture was Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream, and immediately after independence he prepared a grand design to achieve it. Among the temples of modern India which he designed, was a centre of excellence in the medical sciences. Nehru’s dream was that such a centre would set the pace for medical education and research in Southeast Asia, and in this he had the wholehearted support of his Health Minister, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.
The health survey and development committee, chaired by Sir Joseph Bhore, an Indian Civil Servant ,had in 1946 already recommended the establishment of a national medical centre which would concentrate on meeting the need for highly qualified manpower to look after the nation’s expanding health care activities . The dreams of Nehru and Amrit Kaur and the recommendations of the Bhore Committee converged to create a proposal which found favor with the government of New Zealand. A generous grant from New Zealand under the Colombo Plan made it possible to lay the foundation stone of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1952. The AIIMS was finally created in 1956, as an autonomous institution through an Act of Parliament, to serve as a nucleus for nurturing excellence in all aspects of health care.

Students are encouraged to take responsibilities, create teams and fulfill their goals. Their core competency lies in value-added consulting, quality research and executive development.

All-India Institute of Medical Sciences was established as an institution of national importance by an Act of Parliament with the objects to develop patterns of teaching in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education in all its branches so as to demonstrate a high standard of Medical Education in India; to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity; and to attain self-sufficiency in Post-graduate Medical Education.
The Institute has comprehensive facilities for teaching, research and patient-care. As provided in the Act, AIIMS conducts teaching programs in medical and para-medical courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and awards its own degrees. Teaching and research are conducted in 42 disciplines. In the field of medical research AIIMS is the lead, having more than 600 research publications by its faculty and researchers in a year. AIIMS also runs a College of Nursing and trains students for B.Sc.(Hons.) Nursing post-certificate) degrees.
Twenty-five clinical departments including four super specialty centers manage practically all types of disease conditions with support from pre- and Para-clinical departments. However, burn cases, dog-bite cases and patients suffering from infectious diseases are not entertained in the AIIMS Hospital. AIIMS also manages a 60-beded hospital in the Comprehensive Rural Health Centre at Ballabgarh in Haryana and provides health cover to about 2.5 lakh population through the Centre for Community Medicine.


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asiansAsian Business School is an innovative centre of academic excellence and one of the top colleges for PGDM / MBA in India, approved by AICTE. The programmes are purposeful and professionally oriented. The core advantage of studying at ABS is to get an internationally recognized qualification, by the finest academic minds who impart holistic knowledge by deductive learning methodology. The support from the industry is immense in form of internship and job placements.The founders of ABS believe that education and training are vital inputs for human resource developments which in turn are essential for the economic well being and growth of the society. This Business School is established to prepare the youth for taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities and face the challenges posed by the economic reforms which have radically changed the complexion of business and their management across the world. ABS is run by a non-profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Asian Academy of Film & Television run by this Society is one of ten best film schools in the world for short term courses. (The motto of Asian Business School is ‘Growth with Education’).

ABS believe that ducation and training are vital inputs for human resource developments which in turn are essential for the economic well being and growth of the society.

ABS has international tie ups with similar institutions. United Kingdom’s University of Central Lancashire. Northumbria University, Winchester University & Oxford Business College and are some of the overseas institutions of higher learning lending support to ABS in management education. ABS has strong industry – business school interface to integrate class room teaching and training and practical experience in the field to bridge the gap between theory and practice. ABS focuses on enhancing the capability of the students to lead and manage businesses by learning to adopt a systematic approach to identifying problems and finding their solutions using analytical, problem solving and decision making skills and understanding financial and accounting aspects of business in a logical manner. This makes ABS not just one of the best PGDM / MBA colleges in Delhi, but one of the best PGDM /MBA colleges in India.
ABS, one of the top PGDM / MBA colleges in Noida, also prepares its students to pursue opportunities for doing business without regard to the resources one controls. In other words due emphasis is laid on inculcating the sprit of entrepreneurship in its students. Personality development, physical fitness, personal grooming and training in communication skills are integral part of education and training at ABS for preparing its students to enter the business world with determination and necessary self confidence.

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