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Aunirban Saha

67-Aunirban-SahaAunirban has been spearheading SAHA Infratech along with two other organisations since the past three years. A practioner in ‘sustainable’ real estate development from New York University, Aunirban has conducted design and feasibility studies on revitalising the ‘Downtown of Sanford’ (ME, USA), the ‘US EPA’ (Environmental Protection Agency) along with an exercise on’ Community Development and Affordable Housing’ in Coney Island, Brooklyn (NYC). He is responsible for incorporating all aspects of sustainability in all SAHA Groupe projects.

At SAHA Infratech, he leads a team of young as well as experienced members. “We take great care to balance the diametric opposite poles of experience and innovation.”

He has been designing aesthetic yet functional marketing products to meet the needs of the hour. Secondly ‘Melange Realcon’ was conceptualised with the prime objective of building quality projects for developing India. Third venture, Karuna Pragya Foundations, an NGO, dedicated to creating oppurtunities for the development of socially and econimically deprived sections of society in reasonable and hygienic living conditions.

Aunirban aims to establish his organisation as a front-runner in sustainable development and high-end luxury space. “Eventually, we would like to have a turnover of at least $500 million.”

With stringent eye for details and zero-tolerance towards imperfection, Aunirban leads with a philosophy of ‘learn-innovate-share-create’. “I draw upon the latest global knowledge streams, orient, empower and encourage team members to introduce first-in-class values in our chosen field.”

He believes that existing benchmarks are not goals and are merely the starting points. “Towards the end, pursuing excellence is far easier than accepting mediocrity,” he says. Driven by the urge to make everything possible and revive the ‘Golden Bird’ status of India, he believes in leading rather than following.

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