Friday, August 2018
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“Congress Needs To Change”: Rahul Gandhi’s Mea Culpa At Congress Event
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“Congress Needs To Change”: Rahul Gandhi’s Mea Culpa At Congress Event

New Delhi:  Congress chief Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government today and pushed for change — both within the Congress party and the people. In a strong pitch for change within the party, the 47-year-old leader who took charge of the party in December, said he wants to see the Congress party as it was during the times of Jawaharlal Nehru and Jagjivan Ram.

“I admit there’s a wall between Congress leadership and party workers. My first priority is to break this barrier respectfully,” said the leader, who earlier indicated his willingness to make space for younger leaders at the party’s upper echelons.

The party, he said, has already started efforts in this direction. Referring to the recently held assembly elections in Gujarat, where the Congress increased its tally from 61 of the state’s 182 assembly seats to 80, he said it was because of the party’s focus on the local leaders.  

“We gave tickets to Congress workers in Gujarat and Modiji was seen flying in seaplane. When we truly empower Congress workers, PM Modi will be seen in submarine,” he said to huge cheers at the party’s 84th plenary session.

The Prime Minister, he said, was equally oblivious to the distress of farmers and the young people of the country. “There are no jobs, the farmers are dying. The Prime Minister says ‘Let’s go do yoga’,” he said.

Mr Gandhi accused the government of distracting the people from the real problems and indulging in crony capitalism.

“Four years ago, the people of the country placed their trust in Modiji. But that trust is now broken.. the youth of the country are now asking questions,” Mr Gandhi said. The government, he said, has failed to create jobs and help distressed farmers.

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