Asia’s Best & Fastest Growing Manufacturing Companies

Concept :

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of a country’s economy. The manufacturing sectors across industries compete amongst themselves to deliver some of the best products. Asian industry in modern times differs significantly from its tradition of cultivation and pastoral activity. In the post-war era, manufacturing and high-tech industries have transformed Asia industry and employment forever.  ADB emphasizes that manufacturing is essential to a high productivity service sector, technological innovation, and modernizing agriculture.

WCRC Leaders aims to study the manufacturing industries and their presence around the globe and how Asian brands are competing with the global brands. WCRC Leaders Asia takes a look at Asia’s Best & Fastest Growing Manufacturing Companies as a part of its cover feature for the month of November 2014.

Industry category index :

a) Heavy machinery, b) Mining, metals and alloys, c) Consumer durables, d) IT, telecom & consumer electronics, e) Automobiles & auto-components, f) Textile & garments, g) Gas & petroleum, h) Watches & time-pieces, i) Gems & jewellery, j) Food processing, k) Cement, l) Farming equipment’s, m) Energy & power, n) Miscellaneous (paper, plastic, fertilizer, etc).


Research Process:

Step 1: Creating a list of 400 top of the mind Asian Manufacturing companies.

Step 2: These companies would be invited to register through a questionnaire based research survey.

Step 3: Based on the registration inputs, a parametric score sheet would be created.

Step 4: This score sheet would be shared with leading professionals from the brand management segment, who would put their scores.

Step 5: A final list of Asia’s 100 Best & Fastest Growing Manufacturing companies would be tabulated.


PS: The entire research process would be validated and evaluated by a leading audit firm to ensure an unbiased and credible research process.

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Submission Deadline: 31st October 2014.
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