Phase 1:

The perception survey for ‘Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes’ was initiated by generating a list of 1,000 institutions from the Indian subcontinent, GCC member nations and South East Asia. The list of institutions was prepared, using existing listings, rankings and other research reports and available sources.

The list of the 1,000 institutes across categories was shortened to a new one with 500 institutes by conducting secondary research on each institute. The research took into account the main parameters of Admission Process, Infrastructure, Faculty, Extra-curricular Activities and Awards & Recognition. Apart from the individual institute’s website, secondary research also involved studying existing listings/rankings, education and career magazines and other sources. The perception survey was based on the parameters common to all categories of institutes covered by the survey.

These 500 institutes were contacted by the ibrands 360 research team and each were sent a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire explored the abovementioned parameters and took further into account the global expansion plans of the institute and the USP of the institute.

Phase 2:

Based on the above parameters, the ibrands 360 research team filtered the list of 500 institutes to 250 Best & Fastest Growing Institutes across the categories and countries under the purview of the survey.

Admission process: Includes evaluation processes, fee structure and the time frame in securing admission in a particular institute and other factors, if any, facilitating the admission process.

Infrastructure: Includes elements like campus area/location, number of classrooms, library, Hostel, wi- campus, laptop facilities, cafeteria and other facilities.

Faculty: Includes elements like student/faculty ratio, total number of permanent/visiting faculty members, faculty members with industry experience and PhD degrees.

Recognition (Awards & Accolades): Includes awards and accolades received from various media/agencies and other known bodies.

Extra-curricular activities: Includes all forms of extra-curricular activities

Final Phase:

The list of 250 institutes with the parameters was sent to a panel of eminent jury members to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. The cumulative scoring of the ibrands 360 research team and jury members was taken into account to arrive at the final list of ‘Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes’. The process advisors and evaluators for the study is KPMG in India.


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