Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

AIM is the Asian pioneer in international management education. Established in 1968 with the Harvard Business School, Asian academicians, and prominent business leaders, the institute designs its masters and executive programs to develop practicing managers in Asia’s emerging markets. With over 42,000 alumni, AIM has clientele and alumni worldwide and meets the global accreditation standards of the US-based Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). asian
AIM believes it is responsible to this Asian region as a whole. Its role is to help provide the managerial component in the process of social, political, technological, and economic development. To achieve this role, AIM is categorically Asian with a strong concentration on Southeast Asia and the ASEAN Economic Community. Its faculty, student body, teaching materials, and research are predominantly Asian. Its programs are designed for Asian needs, their approach attuned to Asian management with a global perspective and responsive to peculiar Asian issues. Students come to AIM because of the Institute’s 40-plus years of experience in imparting and enhancing knowledge and skills to develop sensitivity to the diverse cultures/belief systems, business structures, and governance and regulatory environment in the region.
AIM creates innovative management programs and establishes relationships with key academic institutions and development organizations all over the world. In particular, AIM is a founding member of the Association of Asia- Pacific Business Schools.

Key Features
1. AIM’s international Board of Governors is composed of eminent persons who share a deep commitment to the development of Asia.
2. AIM curriculam and teaching materials have been developed for both private and public enterprises not only in the Philippines but also in other Asian countries.
3. AIM programs are practitioneroriented; as such, its relationships with corporations all over the region are fundamental to the development and enhancement of its programs and activities.

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