Saturday, July 2018
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ashwinCEO & co-founder – Samba TV

Ashwin Navin is CEO and co-founder of Samba TV, a data and analytics service that measures television viewership using data from social media, connected devices and set-top boxes. Prior to Samba TV, Navin was the president and co-founder of BitTorrent, Inc., which he left to focus on his new venture Samba TV.

Before BitTorrent, Navin was employed at Yahoo! from 2002 to 2004 in its Corporate Development group which handled corporate strategy and acquisitions. Before Yahoo!, Navin also worked on Wall Street as an investment banker and research analyst.

Key attributes:

1. He has spent most of his career creating platforms that transforms, the way we experience content. With this philosophy, he improved the TV experience for people who like to watch, and experience great quality via Samba TV.

2. He is popular name in this sector, and has created a niche for himself over the years. BitTorrent has struck relationships with many major media companies including Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Lionsgate, Kadokawa Pictures, and others, proving him to be a great business tycoon.

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