Ashok Kajaria is the man behind the success story of Kajaria Ceramics, a name that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the ceramics industry. With over 25 years of experience in this field he has, he is aware of every movement that affects the industry. After completing his engineering from the University of California this ceramic giant has earned a deep understanding of not only the marketing and branding strategies that make a leader but also the production process.

Under his leadership Kajaria Ceramics has expanded production by expanding its own production capacity and by acquisitions of and tie-ups with other facilities. The brand enjoys high recall and awareness due to its ATL and BTL marketing campaign along with sheer volume of production. Quality is ensured with automated operations that reduce the chances of human errors and ensure uniformity. It is concentrating on expanding its share in the domestic market through further acquisitions in the country that will immediately add to the production capacity. With increased production capacity the company now had the staggering turnover of INR 1,700 cr. in the last fiscal year and is eyeing a 20 per cent growth rate. All this has been the result of the ‘zeal’ infused in the operations by the man at the helm that has a vision of making Kajaria a leader in the National and International arena.



  • Over 25 years of experience in the competitive market and a knowledge base -both have immensely helped Kajaria thrive. ƒƒ
  • Acquisitions of facilities that are already yielding production to ensure maximisation of capacity at optimum cost has been one of his highyield strategies. ƒƒ
  • Technological superiority and automated operations that ensure quality, time after time has enabled them to outshine relative markets. ƒƒ
  • His vision that has so long driven Kajaria into becoming a foothold for quality & innovation, now envisions to overshadow the rest keeping perseverance and stalwartness of thought as founding stones. ƒƒ
  • One of the largest distribution networks that ensures brand presence all over the market has helped them establish a standing unmatched and desired by most!

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