Bollywood has proffered filmmakers with expansive tools and a platform to publish their work and make money doing what they love. But as operable as these platforms are, none of them work like stupefying magic wand to build an audience and make meaningful revenues. In an interview with Ashish R Mohan, who exhibits a strong surge towards the combination of an avid story, meaningful techniques along the right team to envisage the spectrum of impeccable Cinema

Entertainment Industry-one of the most toilsome yet engrossing and lively industries of India.
We as a country have millions of ways to entertain ourselves since time immemorial. There are story telling art forms Bhavai, Tamasha, Bihu, Kathakali, Ramleelamaxresdefault and many others.
Today, they might have been sidelined, or created a small niche for themselves, or are struggling to survive but in whatever form they exist the toil behind story telling ideas has not reduced.

Ashish R Mohan is an Indian Film Director of Khiladi 786 andWelcome 2 Karachi fame. His work also includes the hits – Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, Blackmail and more.

If a Kathakali artist takes more than four hours to get ready for each performance, Ramleela preparations begin days in advance. Likewise, from whichever corner of our country a team emerges to create a movie, the success not-withstanding, all involved are attuned to putting in hard work per se. This is simply because as a populace toiling is in our blood.
Today Film industry is going through a transformation where technological and work ethics are trying to keep up with International pace. Every department of film making without exception is meeting newer and newer challenges every waking day. Challenge is what I thrive on. That makes this perpetually buzzing film industry a better work place to me than any other.
Most of the people here embark on a film project knowing perfectly well that it is just that – ‘a project’ but their collective eyes are glued to the goal where they can get catapulted to dizzying heights on one Friday or may not register on public psyche at all! In either case the team disperses, reassembles or team members join other teams with the same set of aspirations all over again. The best part is, leave alone meeting moderate success everyone wants astounding success in her/ his field and that prompts them to give their best again and again, each time.
This deep rooted tenacity and the resilience of all involved makes Indian film Industry a very interesting and engrossing place to be in.khiladi

In an industry so dynamic, how as a director you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society.
Principally I believe films are a reflection of society but in a personal contorted mirror of the director. Each director adheres to his own contortions. Viewers may or may not agree to these and that is how a movie is a hit or flop. Whatever genre a director makes a movie on, whenever he weaves the most appealing aspects of contemporary reality in his story telling, it works invariably. It is very difficult for a creative person to let go of his personalized vision. I am learning this by creating my own equation. It is a process and it evolves.
Trends and expectations are to be created, not followed. And you try and fulfill expectations and that is where success lays.

One thing you wish to change and one thing you wish to retain about entertainment industry
I want to change present ‘return oriented’ work ethics and retain the pace of development.

“Always be a work in progress!! Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

Movies for you are
For me a movie should be more of an experience than anything else. Whatever the subject may be- a thriller, a comedy, a fantasy anything et al. The movie should have the power to engage the audience at experience level.
Today fast paced world, the challenge for film makers lies where in films cannot afford to be anything else but vehicles or mediums to provide memorable experience to the audience.

In olden days the movies could afford to be preachy but not anymore. Messages in movies are deciphered by media and audience based on their own thinking capacity today. In the chaos that follows, these blunted sermons or even suggestions get reduced to coffee table discussions without any value whatsoever.

How do you see yourself in the industry 5 years from now?
Making lots of movies on varied subjects and develop the courage and means to make one experimental – ‘high risk’ movie at regular intervals.

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