ARVIND-Managing Director & CEO

Talk about Gionee and its expansion plans and where do you want to be in 2017 and how do you see the global mobile market in this year ?
Gionee has been here in the market for the last 4 yrs . unlike many people when I started in 2012 ,we started from ground 0 but for us we had to actually start with a negative because people believed that there was no room for a brand from China. so many people gave me solution that you write from prc, will not look like china. I remember when we did our first press conference and I spoke about doing quarter of billion dollars in 2nd or 3rd yr ,it looked like as if i committed a crime. I had a journalist telling me how will you do it then ,virtually questioning me . So Ianswered that i have to do it but it seems to be you are more nervous than I am . I was as simple as that , you couldnt even talked about doing business and taht was the time when we started in 2013 .with whatever we have done in past we should be close to about 5000 crores this yr .we have taken some landmark decisions last yr in terms of building our own plant,a big decision, a plant coming up with almost 6000 people staying on the location and stuff like that .

How do you make a user gionee over an apple .how will you position your brand
Its meant for practical people .there are different kinds of users also in the market. there are people who will come very soon to your brand ,someone will come to you when somebody recommends it .and then there is a set of consumers who only will buy the brand if they fell that the brand elevates , its position that is called as brand value. So this is the progression over the period of time . So first you have to remain relevant to the client,- consumer .if he felt good about the product because he has paid some money and you get the best product possible .so we moved away from there now we are trying to build our brand .earlier it was purely on products now itson brand ambassador .once you get the ambassador you are actually depicting a personality that you have . So today what important is FSLM on the product for someone like me . For a person who would be in our age be in early 30s or 40s, we are more practical because for us we have our own brand value I know who i am and thats why I dont mind carrying this want to be seen with a brand which adds value to your personality.
Three critical factors that you think that last 3-4 yrs contributed massively to the success factor of Gionee.
Quality, Awareness, Trendy

What kind of new innovations are you getting into the market ?
As far as we are concerned we will always be with the trend. Eg- we have got whole portfolio of variables but we never launched them because we know that it didnt have commercial sense .so as far as gionee is concerned, its a very practical company when it comes to business so trends that will emerge will be ready . launching will be depending on commercial success .i dont want to put feather in my cap without being first on something that didnt say other
We are ready with our innovations, We will commercialize our innovations once we see our reasonable market .you will find us to be the first coming up with the latest trend but that doesnt mean we are not ready .

One brand value that you have which you think nobody can compete or copy
We have been articulating our brand value from last 1 yr where we say we are about making smiles. If you see any of our products you will see that they are taken care of consumer pain points .like batteries are very big pain point with every consumer but nobody will advertize for battery .if you open my phone and competitions phone, my battery consumption ,software will be much better, optimized .battery capacity hardware will be much better than my competitors’.

Tell us about yourself and your leadership styles.
I believe in a philosopher who says if you do what you like you dont work a single day in your life .so i am actually doing what i like . There is nothing like working even a single day .
Next about work life balance – Is depicted by what family thinks about you .so my family is very much part of this journey. Being a first gen entrepreneur , if you ask my son that your father is not attending this particular program that he should be here , both of my boys will say he has to take care of 17000 people. So its ingrained in their ecosystem
3rd thing is i believe this company is as much the people who are workin it rather than mine .you can go and talk to anybody in this office if he doesnt aqua that sentiment you can strip me from my position .
4th is I am a firm believer that its not about anything other than people .its people, people and people . And you never need to manage people .if you think you can manage people thats the biggest mistake you can ever make in your far as i am concerned my team is sitting here you got to be just the way you are .
Just dont get your emotions away because you are a leader .its about emotions and feelings. If you are happy just dance if you want to hug someone just do it . Never ever hide your emotions .people usually aske me what is entrepreneurship -for me entrepreneurship is giving up your salary cheque. Thats the biggest investment that you can make as an entrepreneur.