Chance favours the prepared mind and that seems to be the very reason why Mr. Arvind Mehrotra has often stood on the roof of success tagging along with him the organization which he has so dearly carved. President of Asia Pacific region of NIIT Technologies and holding in hand a vast experience pool of 26 years of which 10 years were spent in the User-Industry and 16 years in IT Services, Arvind has worked with organizations like United India Periodicals, United Database Pvt Ltd, Business India Group; Joined Jan ’90 till Jan ’95 before he joined NIIT Limited in 1995 and then in April 2004 transitioned to NIIT Technologies. In his current role as Independent Business Unit Head he presides over an area that includes Middle East, India, Asia and Australia. He is also the Global Strategy Initiative Head responsible for Cloud Services and IP Assets.

It was his diligence and genius in his arena of expertise that led to the transformation of the organization by building Non Linear Business covering (Managed Services, IP Assets & Platforms and Cloud Services). The Non Linear business model was developed in response to criticism that mid-sized organizations cannot manage growth and profit thus this model was developed by delinking head count growth from revenue & profit growth but linking services to SLA’s and outcomes. His harmonious demeanour with the business complexities enables him to manage a team of 1700 plus resources in the region and also helps him polish and apply his core competencies which lie in Engagement Management, Technical Delivery, Process Management and Technology Management.




  • ƒƒ In his current role as Independent Business Unit Head he presides over an area that includes Middle East, India, Asia and Australia which he single handedly justifies.
  • Some of the key projects he has driven are Lead Consulting engagements for MNCs and Large Indian Corporate for Business – IT Alignment and specific initiative’s like Regional Consolidation, Global Process and Practice rollouts.
  • Arvind has received multiple Leadership awards in all the organizations he has worked with. He has received the Managing Director Quality Award, President’s Award for Speed and Innovation and the Technical Delivery Award. He has also received Global Leadership Award for the year 2005-06 for NIIT Group.
  • Currently leading and managing the SaaS initiative, Arvind is a Board Member of NIIT Insurance Technologies Ltd UK, NIIT Technologies Pty Ltd Australia, NIIT Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore, NIIT Technologies Ltd Thailand, NIIT Technologies UAE and NIIT Technologies Services Ltd India.
  • Arvind’s ‘can do spirit’ has helped organizations improve their business processes and supported critical business strategies through the effective management of development, implementation and maintenance of business application systems.

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