Monday, August 2018
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arjunSAV Entertainment specializes in talent acquisition/identification on behalf of its clients for endorsements, live events – appearances/performances. The company is spearheaded by Arjun Banerjee, who has been in the entertainment business for 7 years with a 6 year experience in talent management, brand endorsements and live events space, previously heading the BTL division at EXCEED Entertainment. Currently in its second year of operations, SAV Entertainment, is run by individuals with a combined experience of 16 years in the entertainment business.

With the whole digital media boom that has happened, it was a bit difficult to manage but this is something new and exciting and while the returns are lesser at this point of time, eventually it will prove beneficial. So we thought to engage digital sensations with us. We focused more on digital content and I will say we are ahead from our competitors as we are working with talents and brands who are creatively involved with digital platforms especially social media.

Most people come in with a perception that it’s all party, fun and glamour. It’s actually not only about fun, though I wouldn’t deny that I haven’t travelled to the best of places with biggest names in Bollywood but at the same time it has a lot of sleepless nights, hardwork and taxation.


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