Anoop Kumar Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, VICAT IN INDIA


Anoop Kumar Saxena, Chief Executive Officer



Delivery of any product at right time and at right price is key for growth of industry and subsequently for the Indian economy. Today transportation of cement is a challenge due to non-availability of trucks on time, non-availability of drivers and people unwillingness for the transportation of cement because of dusty product.


What are the breakthrough ideas that you suggest to India in your industry?

Sustainable manufacturing of cement is a key today & therefore by utilizing hazardous waste, municipal waste in cement manufacturing process not only helps in initiatives towards preserving environment but also reduce the dependency on fossil fuel.
Promote the concept of “Green Manufacturing
Increase the demand in market for “Green Cement” 
Creation of Infrastructure for Inland Water transportation of cement which is not being explored in our country.
Maximize the delivery of Bulk cement to end customer and thereby reducing the packing material cost
Extensive use of IT for optimization of cement distribution cost and achieve last mile excellence.
Use of social media to promote the product.
What innovations are you getting in your industry for a better Indian economy?
Following the “Green Power Generation concept” by Installation of Waste Heat Recovery System in plant and 
Anoop Kumar Saxena, Vicat
thereby reducing use of fossil fuel.
Using Hazardous & Non Hazardous waste as Alternate fuel for manufacturing of cement, thereby creating value from the waste and helping country in managing waste.
Training of People in all required trade for Industry to improve the skill level of the people and making them employable
Logistics is key in our business as right product at right time gives the competitive advantage since we are in a business which is like commodity. In order to differentiate with others one has to develop product which is not only best but also of consistent quality and we need to educate customer on quality aspects continuously. Today transportation of cement is a challenge due to non-availability of trucks on time, non-availability of drivers and people unwillingness for the transportation of cement because of dusty product. As an initiative to motivate people for continuing with cement transportation and generate interest of future generation, we have created quality of infrastructure for transportation of cement to change the perceptions of people regarding cement transportation.
Planning to create necessary infrastructure for production of low cost cement to meet the requirement of low cost housing and thereby meeting the requirement of Housing for all in the country.
Define your leadership style and role.

I believe that leadership starts with people’s faith towards a person who drives for a

cause for the betterment of Company, Society and Country. Faith develops by influence, with or without authority. I prefer leading the change with support of people and their faith in the cause.

I believe in my colleague and empower them with clear communication, involve them in decision making and give commitment from me to be by their side to provide all necessary support for delivering the objective and achieving the goal. Being a passionate person to deliver the commitment, I consider my leadership style as mix of Democratic and Authoritative.

Breakthrough ideas from you.

  • Govt. approval for commercial production of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3)
  • Optimization of the cement manufacturing/ Cement packing facility footprint to eliminate the requirement of Warehouse for secondary storage of cement bags
  • Portable cement grinding and packing plant which can be relocated based on market demand.
  • Creation of In-Land Water way Infrastructure for promoting the water way as preferred mode of transport and thereby reducing the unnecessary traffic on road. This will also save fuel and contribute toward emission of CO2 reduction.
  • Improvement in Monitoring Mechanism for Corporate Social Responsibility activities so that benefit can be reach to needy people of the society.
  • As part of clean India movement, Industries should be incentivise who uses waste, particularly municipal waste, from locality.
  • In order to achieve real success of clean India concept, the concept of “Pollution Trophy” to be introduce.
  • Incentivize Industry for using waste of other industry.
  • Fast clearance of Greenfield project by Government authorities
  • Bureau of India Standards (BIS) to create standards for Limestone cement and special purpose cement to encourage the manufacturers to come out of variety of cement based on application.

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