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Appliances Consumer Electronics Euro Star UAE Largest importer of pristine perfumery compounds for arab consumers, chips and musk ambrette. 100,000 tablets sold in the last one year
Automotive Tyre Giti Tyre Singapore “It is the leader in the south Asianmarket being the largest fully

integrated tire manufacturer in

the region”

“The net worth of their assetscan be assessed at about

12, 869,793 in

million rupiahs.”

Automotive Two – Wheeler Modenas Malaysia “The company had a big roleto play inthe industrialisation

and self-reliance of the

economy of Malaysia”

“They are proud owners of amassive60,000 sq. meter

of built area in the

production unit.”

Automotive OEM Mtl Pakistan Awarded exporters andoutstanding service (PM’s

AWARD) 3 categories include

exporters Thailand Excellence,

exporters branded as their own,

the exporter has designed its


In 1979 became the leader producerof Isuzu-powered station

wagons, under the ‘TR’ brand

Automotive Tyre Omni United Singapore Omni United sells in excess of6.5 million units of passenger

and light truck tires a year in 80


The company designs andproduces tires in partnership

with manufacturers based in

the United States, China, India,

Indonesia and Thailand.

Automotive Passenger Vehicle Proton Malaysia Proton Saga 1.3 M was announcedas the ‘Most fuel

efficient car’ for small family car

during the Asian Auto AmBank

Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011

Progress towards in-houseengine operations in 1989
Automotive Passenger Vehicle Thai Rung Thailand From early beginnings with thedesign and conversion of Isuzu

pick-up truck bodies, by 1979

Thai Rung Union Car Plc had

become the leading producer of

Isuzu-powered station wagons,

under the ‘TR’ brand, and

went on to gain acceptance and

confidence from Isuzu Motors

(Thailand) Co.

From the first (1979) elevenseaterstation wagon up to

the present, the company has

produced more than twenty

different models of modified

vehicles using these native

skills, and has received many

awards evidencing its status as

one of the leaders in the Thai

automotive industry

Automotive Heavy EquipmentVehicle United Tractors Indonesia United Tractors (UT/theCompany) is the leading and

the largest distributor of heavy

equipments in Indonesia,

providing products from worldrenowned

brands such as

Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania,

Bomag, Tadano, and Komatsu


Today, our vast distributionnetwork includes 19 branch

offices, 22 site support offices

and 11 representative offices

in 22 provinces across the

country. Not content with

being the largest distributor

of heavy equipments in the

country, the Company also

plays an active role in the field

of mining contracting and has

recently ventured into coal

mining business.

Automotive Two – Wheeler Walton Bangladesh The first motorcycle manufacturerof Bangladesh with different

models of 80 cc to 140 cc


“Walton motorcycle producedwith modern innovative

technology, elegant shape

& design, maintaining

international standard quality

as per customer needs.”

ConsumerElectronics WaterPurifier Eureka Forbes India Company seeks to reach to25,000 outlets from 18,000 and

1,500 towns by the end of the


Range of advanced waterpurifiers inclusive of Dr.

Aquaguard and Aquaguard

ConsumerElectronics ConsumerAppliances Godrej Appliance India Brought refrigerators to India,launched PUF (polyurethane

foam) technology way back in

the 80s

Godrej forayed into appliancesin 1958 and since then has

been a leading player in the

home appliances market in


ConsumerElectronics WaterPurifier Kent Ro India Ground-breaking computercontrolled patented KENT’s

Mineral ROTM Technology

KENT is known as the pioneerof RO purifiers
Appliances Consumer Appliances Pensonic Malaysia The Pensonic Group was foundedin 1965 as Keat Radio and

Electrical Co. in Balik Pulau,

Penang. From this humble origin

as a small retailer cum workshop

for electrical home appliances,

Keat Radio and Electrical Co.

grew under the leadership of

its founder, Dato’ Seri Chew

Weng Khak into the present day


Pensonic also held Chef’sLike Campaigns featuring

Cooking Classes utilising

Chef’s Like products as an

appreciation to our loyal

consumers’ support. ttp://



Appliances Consumer Appliances TT International- Akira Malaysia Akira launched singapores first3D Blu ray smart LED TV Akira boast of a comprehensiverange of consumer electronics

ranging from Audio Visual

products such as LED, LCD,

DVD Players, hi-fi systems

and car audio to household


Education University Aga Khan University Karachi The Aga Khan University is anindependent non-denominational

research university located in

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, with a

satellite campus in London

Faculty of Health Scienceslocated on an 84-acre

(340,000 m2) campus in the

heart of Karachi, Pakistan, built

in the 1980s

Education K-12 Gems Education UAE It is the first kindergarten to grade12 education providers in the

world to become a partner of the

Clinton Global Initiative.

Over the past 50 years, GEMSstudents, teaching staff and

corporate staff have raised over

$US 40 million for charities

around the world.

Education Education LimkokwingUniversity Malaysia A private international universitywith a presence across Africa,

Europe and Asia. With its main

campus in Malaysia

The university has over 30,000students from more than 150

countries, studying in its 12

other campuses in Botswana,

Cambodia, hina, Indonesia,

Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Swaziland

and the United Kingdom

Education Engineering Mapua Institute OfTechnology Philippines It was founded by the firstregistered Filipino architect,

Don Tomas Mapua, in 1925, a

graduate of Cornell University.

After he died, the tradition was

continued by his children, Don

Óscar B. Mapúa Sr., a graduate

in Civil Engineering from the

Massachusetts Institute of

Technology, and Gloria Mapúa-


Mapúa is also the first Philippine and Southeast Asian educational institution to have ABET certification, rendering the Institute to be at par with US-based colleges and universities.
Education University Prince SultanUniversity Saudi Arabia Prince Sultan University, locatedin Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the first

private university funded in Saudi

Arabia by Riyadh Philanthropic

Society for Sciences.

Established in the year 1999has placed over 3500 students
Education K-12 Ryan InternationalSchool India The Ryan International Group ofInstitutions has spread across 18

states in the country

Led by the visionaries, Dr.A.F.Pinto, Founder-Chairman &

Mrs. Grace Pinto, MD

Education University SingaporeManagement


Singapore The University has over 30research institutes and centres

of excellence, and customised

corporate training and lifelong

learning for individuals are

available through the university’s

professional and executive

development programmes.

Combined with the university’shighly interactive and engaging

pedagogy, students are required

to complete a minimum of 10

weeks’ internship and 80 hours’

community service either

locally or overseas before


Education University Sunway University Malaysia 2010 Awarded a rating of”Excellent” in the national

SETARA’09 rating system,

placing it in the leading group

of Malaysian public/private


Ever since they wereestablished, the Trust and the

Foundation have provided

more than RM 100 million in

scholarships and awards.

Energy & Power Oil & Gas Aldrees Soudi Arabia With 456 Petrol Stations 1474truck and rich diversity in Trailers

achieving 1,640,000 operating

trips the company occupies

center stage as a giant petroleum

and transportation services in the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2006, The companywitnessed a large stride

forward transforming into a

joint stock company.

Energy & Power Oil & Gas Bapco Bahrain Some new additions to theirservice segment are logistics

management, management of

stations, customs clearance and

warehouse management.

In 2006, The company witnesseda large stride forward

transforming into a joint stock


Energy & Power Oil & Gas Dana Gas UAE The first in the GCC, BahrainRefinery is one of the largest

in the Middle East, refining

over 262,000 barrels of crude

every day.

There are more than 170storage tanks at different sites

with a total capacity of over 14

million barrels.

Energy & Power ElectricalPower Hub Power Karachi First COFACE, JEXIM, MITI andSACE supported limited recourse

financing of an infrastructure


The Hub Power Company isa large, private-sector power

company and its 1,292 MW

plant is located 60 km from

Karachi in Hub

Energy & Power Oil & Gas Laugfs Sri Lanka Formed SP LAUGFS Assets as thesole provider of electricity transmission

and distribution services

in Sri Lanka

The year in which SingaporeDistrict Cooling set up its

second district cooling plant at

Marina Bay Sand

Energy & Power Oil & Gas Qatar Fuel AdditivesCompany Ltd Qatar 2009: ISO Certification wasupgraded from version 2000 to

2008;one of the very first in the

GCC region.

1998: Sembcorp was incorporatedand later listed on the

Singapore stock

Energy & Power ElectricalPower Sembcorp Singapore With a slew of awards and recognitions,it is undoubtedly a significant

leading player in the various

categories that it is present in.

2011-12: Selected as an indexcomponent of the Dow Jones

Sustainability Index Asia


Energy & Power ElectricalPower & Gas Singapore Power Singapore In its quest for excellence, theGroup’s efforts have been recognised

with awards and accolades

from leading organisations

around the world.

2010: The year in which SingaporeDistrict Cooling set up its

second district cooling plant at

Marina Bay Sand.

Energy & Power Petrochemical Tasnee Saudi Arabia Tasnee reported a SAR 355.4million net earnings for Q1-’13,

falling 32.2% y/y from SAR 524.4

million but rising 46.9% q/q from

SAR 242 million.

2013: The year in which thecompany invested AUD $4 million

in Australian clean energy

company, Dyesol Limited.

Energy & Power ElectricalPower Tenaga Nasional Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TENA,MYX: 5347) is the largest Electric

utility company in Malaysia and

also the largest power company

in Southeast Asia with MYR 99.03

billion worth of assets

It serves over 8.4 millioncustomers[1] throughout Peninsular

Malaysia and also the

eastern state of Sabah through

Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd

Fashion Retail Fashion Max Fashions Max Fashions “2015-2016 Sales turnover1800 Cr with Year on Year

Growth – 35 %

CAGR since launch”

“Awarded as the No:1 retailcompany to work for two

years in a row – as adjudged

by the “Great place to Work

“ annual survey”

Finance Banking Adcb UAE It operates 50 branches and 4pay offices in the United Arab

Emirates, 2 branches in India, and

1 offshore branch in Jersey.

Abu dhabi commercial bankhas won the hawkamah bank

corporate governance

award 2012

Finance Insurance Aia Singapore AIA Group Limited and itssubsidiaries (collectively “AIA” or

the “Group”) comprise the largest

independent publicly listed

pan-Asian life insurance group.

It has a presence in 18 markets

in Asia-Pacific – wholly-owned

branches and subsidiaries in

Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore,

Malaysia, China, Korea, the

Philippines, Australia, Indonesia,

Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand,

Macau, Brunei, a 97 per cent

subsidiary in Sri Lanka, a 26 per

cent joint venture in India and

representative offices in Myanmar

and Cambodia.

The business that is nowAIA was first established in

Shanghai over 90 years ago. It

is a market leader in the Asia-

Pacific region (ex-Japan) based

on life insurance premiums and

holds leading positions across

the majority of its markets.

It had total assets of US$172

billion as of 31 May 2015.

Finance Banking Al Baraka Bahrain Al Baraka Banking Group(B.S.C) is licensed as an Islamic

wholesale bank by the Central

Bank of Bahrain, listed on Bahrain

Bourse and Nasdaq Dubai stock


The Group has a widegeographical presence in the

form of subsidiary banking

units and representative offices

in fifteen countries, which in

turn provide their services

through over 611 branches.

Finance Banking Al Khaliji Qatar They were named as one of thetop 10 Safest Banks in the Middle

East by Global Finance, in 2011.

The bank’s total assetsamount up to a staggering

2.27 trillion baht.

Finance Banking Bank Muscat Oman With assets worth over USD 27billion, bank muscat is the leading

financial services provider in

Oman with a strong presence

in Corporate Banking, Retail

Banking, Investment Banking,

Islamic Banking, Treasury, Private

Banking and Asset Management.

“The international operationsconsist of a branch each in

Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia), Kuwait and a

Representative Office each in

Dubai (UAE) and Singapore.

bank muscat currently

owns 97% stake in Muscat

Capital LLC, a brokerage and

investment banking entity in

Saudi Arabia.

Finance Banking Commercial Bank Qatar The general role of commercialbanks is to provide financial

services to general public and

business, ensuring economic and

social stability and sustainable

growth of the economy. In this

respect, “credit creation” is

the most significant function

of commercial banks. While

sanctioning a loan to a customer,

they do not provide cash to the

borrower. Instead, they open

a deposit account from which

the borrower can withdraw. In

other words, while sanctioning

a loan, they automatically create

deposits, known as a “credit

creation from commercial banks”.

“Commercial banks acceptvarious types of deposits from

public especially from its clients,

including saving account

deposits, recurring account

deposits, and fixed deposits.

These deposits are returned

whenever the customer

demands it or after a certain

time period Commercial banks

provide loans and advances

of various forms, including an

overdraft facility, cash credit,

bill discounting, money at call

etc. They also give demand

and term loans to all types of

clients against proper security.”

Finance Banking DBS Singapore DCB’s growing strength andinfluence on the financial

landscape throughout Asia is well

captured by the numerous awards

that it has won over the years.

This heavy pool of staff is welldiersified and comes from

a varied list of 30 different


Finance Banking Emirates Nbd Bank Dubai The bank has a leadershipposition like none other in the

corporate banking segment with a

share of about 20% of the entire


Within just one year, i.e. 2013,Emirates NBD bagged 5 prestigious


Finance Banking First Gulf Bank UAE Is currently the third largest bankby assets in the United Arab Emirates

(UAE).[1] Established in 1979,

FGB is headquartered in the emirate

of Abu Dhabi

FGB is a sponsor of FerrariWorld Abu Dhabi (FWAD),

the largest indoor and the

only Ferrari-branded theme

park in the world.

Finance Banking HNB Sri Lanka Hatton National Bank PLCis a leading private (i.e., not

government-owned) bank in Sri

Lanka with 256 branches and 452

ATMs. It has eight representative

offices in the UAE, Bahrain, Italy,

Oman, and Qatar.

Facility packages are designedaccording to the requirement

of each individual project/

business. Packages include

options for long term loans,

bank overdrafts, facilities for

import and export trade, short

term loans etc.

Finance Insurance Jiwasraya Indonesia Jiwasraya Enterprises Achieversaward for the category 12 Years of

Achievement from the magazine

Men’s Obsession Magazine at

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Jakarta (02/03/16).

“Improving market penetrationand quality of service to

customers more efficiently and

effectively through multiple

distribution channels such

as bancassurance, direct

marketing and financial


Finance Banking Kuwait Finance House Kuwait The are the pioneer of thebanking phenomenon known

as Islamic Financce or Shari’a

compliant banking

From its inception in 1977,they have grown into a robust

banking and financial institution,

as well a leader in the

islamic financial industry.

Finance Insurance Medgulf Soudi Arabia Medivisia is the third party administratorof Medgulf’s medical

network throughout the region &

Motion is the third party administrator

specialized in managing

the motor insurance portfolio of


2013: In this year Japan’s OrixCorp has agreed to buy a 25.7

percent stake in Medgulf.

Finance InvestmentBanking Oclaner AssetManagement Singapore The company’s investmentE54management offering provides

a comprehensive solution to

both institutional and individual


2013: Sylvain Baude, CIO ofOclaner Asset anagement,

participated in Opalesque’s

roundtable series which discussed

key Asian family office

strategies for wealth

preservation in Asia.

Finance Banking People’s LeasingCo. Ltd Sri Lanka PLC ranked 14th in the BusinessToday – Top Twenty Five Listed

Corporate Entities

PLC bags the Silver Award forOverall Excellence in Financial

Reporting and two more Gold

Awards at the Annual Reports


Finance Insurance Philippine Prudential Philippines Total assets of over ₱825 million Net income recorded at over₱23.9 million, a 210 percent

growth over five years

Finance Banking Riyad Bank Saudi Arabia Riyad Bank offers a special lineof Islamic banking products and

services that cater to all expectations

and aspects of banking.

Riyad Bank is a leader incommunity development,

with variety of continuous

contributions towards

achieving sustainable

developments. Vision,

Sustainability, Initiative and

Partnership represent solid

values that strengthen the

superiority of Riyad Bank and

its commitment towards social


Finance Banking SABB Saudi Arabia Established on 12 Safar 1398(H)(21 January 1978), SABB formally

commenced activities on 26 Rajab

1398(H) (01 July 1978) when it

took over the operations of The

British Bank of the Middle East in

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Best Commercial Bank, SaudiArabia: IFM award
Finance Banking Siam Commercial Bank Thailand The bank was founded over ahundred years ago in 1907 as the

first commercial bank in Thailand

The bank, in today’s date,owns an approximate number

of 1142 branches across the


Finance Non Banking Tecom Group UAE Established in 2005, its a globalcompany dedicated to the

development of knowledge

industries and business growth.

Home to over 4,500businesses, including major

MNCs and many of the Fortune

500, its interests also includes

exclusive investments in highgrowth


Finance Foreign Exchange UAE Exchange UAE UAE Exchange has been awardedfor the Best ‘Customer Service

Week’ initiative mplementation

from the Government of UAE.

Over 8000 employees, representing40 nationalities cater

over six million customers,


FMCG Beverages Akbar Sri Lanka Each blend is finally checked byone of the senior tea tasters and/

or an Akbar family member.

185: The brand has a turnoverof USD 185 Million per annum.
FMCG Dairy Al Ain UAE “Al AinAl Ain Water is a whollyowned subsidiary of the Abu

Dhabi-based food and beverage

company, Agthia Group (PJSC).

Recognized as a truly Emirati

company, our success has been

guided by the strong heritage and

tradition in Abu Dhabi.

Water is a wholly owned

subsidiary of the Abu Dhabibased

food and beverage

company, Agthia Group (PJSC).

Recognized as a truly Emirati

company, our success has been

guided by the strong heritage and

tradition in Abu Dhabi. “

Al Ain Water is the preferredbrand for many leading chains

across the UAE, including

Etihad Airways, Rotana Hotels,

and Hilton Hotels.

FMCG Food & Beverages Crystal Jade Singapore It has 120 outlets in 21 cities and10 countries For the past 20 years the brandis one of the leading brands

among others within the industry

in Singapore

FMCG Beauty Products Derma Scent Thailand(Incorrect


It was in 2003, in the heart of theTarn department (France) that the

concept behind the laboratory

was created.

ualified as ‘Jeune EntrepriseInnovante’ (young innovative

company) since being set up in

2003, LDCA has never stopped

developing, enabling it, over

the years, to assert its position

as world market leader within

the sector.

FMCG Beverages Dilmah Sri Lanka Dimah Tea is considered as oneof the world’s top 10 tea brands

because of its global presence.

Dilmah tea is considered asone of the worlds top 10 tea

brands because of its global


FMCG Beauty Products Fair And Handsome India “Emami Fair and Handsome hasbeen specially designed for

men by skin care experts using

scientifically tested and clinically

proven combinations.”

“Fair and Handsome is apioneering brand and among

the first in the space of Men’s

Grooming, launched in 2005.

Brand extended its strong

equity in male grooming

to the category of Face wash

and launched Fair and Handsome

Instant Fairness Face

wash in February 2014.”

FMCG Food & Beverages Fraser & Neave Singapore Fraser and Neave, Limited is afood and beverage, publishing

and former brewing and property

industries conglomerate in Singapore.

F&N is a leading Asia PacificConsumer Group with expertise

and prominent standing in

the Food & Beverage and Publishing

& Printing industries.

FMCG Beverages Gold Kili Singapore Gold Kili wide range of beveragesare packed in individual sachets

and sealed for portability convenience

and freshness.

Over the years, Gold Kili hasbeen tirelessly generating an

on-going series of innovative

instant beverages that are not

only of the utmost quality,

but also novel, enticing and

extremely appealing to all our

consumers, both locally and


FMCG Food&Beverages Mayora Indonesia Over the decades, MAYORAGroup has grown to become one

of the recognized names in the

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Currently, MAYORA Groupproducts are sold in many

countries around the world.

Supported not only by modern

logistic and warehouse

management system, but also

powered by strong distribution

network, MAYORA Group has

maintained its product availability

in the market.

FMCG Personal Care Naruko Malaysia Brand is headed by Taiwanceliberaty Naruko who is a

household name in Taiwan.

In 2010 became the firstinternet brand to use eco


FMCG Edible Oil Naturralle India “Saraiwwalaa today is one of theleading company in the Edible Oil

Industry in South India.”

2015: Initiated construction of500 TPD Refineries
FMCG Chewing Product Pan Vilas India “In a market estimated to beworth US $400 million, Pan Vilas

has already made inroads with a

20% share in its key markets.”

Taking ‘Shauq’ to the nextlevel, Pan Vilas continues to

break new grounds and come

up with more quality offerings

and formats in the


FMCG ConfectionaryProducts Petra Foods Singapore “From our origins in 1984,and from a single marketplace

business, our management

team has grown the scale

of our Branded Consumer

business throughout the region

with operations in Indonesia,

Philippines, Singapore and

Malaysia. Today, we have offices

and businesses in the four

locations supported by two

confectionery manufacturing

facilities location, one in

Indonesia and the other in the


From a single marketplace inIndonesia over 50 years ago,

we are continually growing

our presence and now

enjoy superior distribution

capabilities across the region.

FMCG FoodProduct Serba Wengi Malaysia Serba Wangi Sdn.Bhd. will securethe ‘lion’s share’ of the wholesale

market amidst rising favourable

perceptions of customers in

terms of quality and reliability of

our products – all of which are

hallmarks of our flagship brand

JATI- Malaysia’s leading brand.

Our Company maintains ahealthy composition of trained,

qualified and experienced

personnel to run the show, in

pursuit of our dream to achieve

a paradigm shift in processing,

packaging and distribution

par excellence to secure top

rankings among our peers and

competitors; and ultimately be

rated as “The Best Amongst the

Best” or “Crème de la Crème”.

For it has been, and will always

be, our Company’s philosophy

to lead by example.

FMCG FoodProduct Tai Hua Food Singapore Tai Hua soy sauces are traditionalchinese flavoured soy sauces,

naturally brewed from selected

premium soy beans, wheat flour,

water and salt

Leading manufacturers anddistributors of “Tai Hua” brand

naturally-brewed quality soy


FMCG BakeryProduct Unibis Indonesia In collaboration with theDepartment of Advertising,

Faculty of Communication Arts,

Bangkok University organized a

national advertising campaign,

MADD Awards 2013.

It has acquired 23 branches of”Daidomon” restaurant which is

famous for its delicious grilled

Japanese style.

FMCG DairyProduct Unikai UAE Wide range of products andavailability. The ambition of the

company is to continually serve

the consumers by providing them

the best quality products at affordable


The main objective of UNIKAIis consumer’s satisfaction by

delivering freshest products to

them at their nearest points of

purchase. To achieve this objective,

products are produce at

most modern state-of-art plants

& machinery and distributed

through an extensive set up of

frozen, chilled and dry vans all

over UAE and Oman.

FMCG Beverage 2Tang Indonesia Their name is well received,especially in the Indonesian

markets, for being the best

producers of tea leaves and tea


2 Tang Green tea is made fromthe best leaves from the seed

of Japanese green tea which is

famous with their high quality

green tea.

FMCG FoodProduct Ayam Brand Singapore For over 120 years Ayam Brand™helps you create meal occasions

that are memorable, totally

satisfying and with ease.

“Our commitment is to offeryou healthy & natural products

which are of superior quality.

This is because we treasure the

confidence and trust that was

placed by millions of families

in Asia in Ayam Brand™ since


FMCG EdibleOil Baguio Philippines Baguio Oil captured a major shareof the market, winning hearts and

minds of Filipino mothers and


2006: Dr. K.D. Singh decidedto invest in all of India’s “Sunshine


FMCG EssentialOil Gardenia Singapore They’ve been the leading providerof wholesome and nutritious

products for almost 5 decades.

The finest ingredients fromAustralia, Europe and the

USA are selected principally

for their quality, and before

procuring any of these

FMCG DairyProducts Sadafco Saudi Arabia The major shareholder in theSADAFCO group is United

Industries with a 30.10 percent


2012: The year in whichSADAFCO was awarded the

‘Qatrah Award for Dairy’ in

2012 by the Arab Beverages


FMCG PackageFoods Shan Foods Pakistan AV0D (Areej Vegetable Oilsand Derivatives lexports to 30

countries, from Canada in the

North, to New Zealand in the

South and USA in the west to

Uzbekistan in the East.

2004 The World Food Programmein which Unibis was

trusted to supply fortified biscuits

products for the victims of

Aceh Tsunami disaster.

FMCG Food & beverages Sohar Oman The company has a track recordin innovation and is a market

leader in Oman

Ensuring the safety ofconsumer health by adopting

world’s recognized Food Safety

Management System FSMS-

22000 and HACCP principles

FMCG PackagedFood The Savola Group Saudi Arabia It is ranked as number 9 amongtop 100 companies in the Saudi

Arabian market and ranked as

number 2 among the industrial

sector after SABIC. Savola group

has recently listed its Oils and

Fats division in the Saudi Stock

market under the name Afia


The Savola Group is a SaudiArabian industrial company.

The group’s major holdings

supply Saudi Arabia, the

Middle East and North African

countries with edible oils,

sugar, fresh dairy products, and

restaurants serving fast foods.

The group also owns the largest

grocery retailing chain in the

Middle East, the Azizia Panda


Footwear Casual Wear Aerobok India “State-of-the-art manufacturingunits in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh,

and Rajasthan with a production

capacity of over 3 lakh units.”

Rapid expansion underway inthe area of exclusive/franchise

based retail outlets.

Health Care Pharmaceuticals BEXIMO PHARMA Bangladesh Their pool of selected customersincludes globally reputed

hospitals and institutes. They

have become the first pharma

company in the country to enter

the US and EU market and have

a sound track record of working

with global MNCs

Won the National ExportTrophy (Gold) a record four


Health Care Pharmaceuticals BIDIPHAR Vietnam Bidiphar has the production linemeeting WHO GMP, the quality

management system meeting ISO

9001:2008 and qualified staff.

“Bidiphar is proud of beingVietnamese pharmaceutical

company having forward

steps and being a pioneer

in research, applying new

technology in administration,

production and business”.

Health Care HealthSupplements CEREBOS Singapore Cerebos received the SingaporeFamily Friendly Employer Award

from His Excellency S R Nathan,

President of Singapore in 200

34: Cerebos moved up 34ranks to 63rd position in

market capitalization ranking

by The Business Times in the

beginning of 2009

Health Care Pharmaceuticals Glenmark India 11,500 strong workforce fromaround 50 nationalities committed

to creating a new way for a

new world

The company has a significantpresence in branded generics

markets across emerging

economies including India

Health Care Pharmaceuticals Julphar UAE Julphar is a public shareholdingpharmaceutical company based

in Diqdaqah, Ras Al Khaimah,

United Arab Emirates.

Julphar crossed AED 1billion insales, an 11.3% growth

from 2015

Health Care MedicalCentre Murillo Philippines Murillo is a caring family medicalcentre who provides quality

and convenient health care to


It is one of the leading brandsof philippines in that sector
Health Care Hospital Nmc Healthcare UAE “Only local company to managea federal hospital – the Sheikh

Khalifa General Hospital,

Umm al Quwain.”

“2012: NMC becomes the firstAbuDhabi company and first

GCC healthcare company to list

on the premium segment of the

London Stock Exchange as part

of the FTSE 250 index.”

Health Care Pharmaceuticals SaudiPharmaceuticals Saudi Arabia “SPI forayed into the world ofpharmaceutical formulations

with a state-of-the-art plant at

Third Industrial City in Riyadh in

Saudi Arabia.”

Wide range of products manufactured as Antibiotics, Multi Vitamins, CombinedAnthelmintics, Anti Inflammatory, and Anti Parasites, Feed Additives/Supplements, and Mineral Blocks for Veterinary.
Health Care Hospital Ramsay Sime DarbyHealthcare Malaysia “The hospital was acquired bySime Darby & Co after two years

in 1987 and has been run by the

group ever since.”

“10 the number of prestigiousnational and international

wards won by it.”

Health Care Hospitals THUMBAYHEALTHCARE UAE Thumbay Group delivers itshealthcare services through its

four Thumbay Hospitals in Ajman,

Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah

The hospital in Ajman is a 250bed facility which has the distinction

of being the first JCI accredited

hospital in the Emirate

as well as the first private and

constituent teaching hospital of

Gulf Medical University, Ajman.

Home décor &Furniture ConsumerProducts Godrej Interio India “Only Indian furniture companywith an In-house dedicated

Design team of product designers

and engineering experts.”

“All India presence through 150company owned stores and

franchisees and over 700

dealer outlets.”

Householdproducts Cutlery Dankotuwa Sri Lanka The demand for Dankotuwa spansacross 25 countries. Dankotuwa’a

exquisite designs, vibrant colors

and peerless quality, continue to

enrapture buyers from all over

the world

Dankotuwa aims to stay aheadof the competition by producing

the state of the art designs,

shapes with superior white

glaze to complement individual

life styles. Dankotuwa Porcelain’s

goal has been tireless

quest for elegance and quality

Householdproducts ConsumerElectricals Khind Malaysia Today, the Khind Group, whichwas listed on the KLSE on 12

August 1998, manufactures and

distributes world-class electrical

home appliances across Malaysia

and exports to over 50 countries


Innovation Award 2004, theKLSE Corporate Sectoral Award

2003, the Prime Minister

Quality Award 2003 and the industry

Excellence Award 2003

by the Ministry of International

Trade and Industry.

Householdproducts ConsumerElectricals Palmer Philippines Palmer asia inc has400 distributors It is an ISO certified company
Householdproducts ConsumerElectronics Sanken Indonesia Market leader in washingmachine Category ISO certified 9001: 2000 forquality
Householdproducts Cutlery Shinepukur Bangladesh “Received National Export Trophyfrom Government of Bangladesh

as the only Ceramic Tableware

Exporter for a record number of

4 times, the highest for annual


“Shinepukur Ceramics isthe first and only ceramictableware

manufacturer of the

country to win recognition

from Superbrands.”

Infrastructure Building Material Aludecor India Unparallel brilliance in metallicshades insured by steelapplicator


No lead poisoning owing to theuse of lead free paints
Infrastructure Cement Ambuja India “Ambuja Cement has beenconsistently producing cement of

international standards and have

bagged the prestigious CAPEXIL

Award for Highest Exporter of

Cement & Clinker for 12

consecutive years.”

“65 – The number of branchesthat they have across West,

North and Eastern India.”

Infrastructure Cables Ducab UAE They are equally owned by ICD(Private investment of Government

of Dubai) and Senaat (Private

investment of the Government

of Abu Dhabi).

Have supplied power cables toprojects such as the Ras Gas

Project, Dasman Hypermarket

(Qatar), Central Bank of

Oman, Dilmunia Health Centre


Infrastructure Flooring Eko Wood Malaysia “Eko won The Brand LaureateAward 2007 – 2008 for Best

Brand in Product Branding

(Malaysia & Asia Pacific) for

Hardwood Flooring.”

“Ekowood is the first Asianmanufacturer to have been accordedsuch

an honor.”

Infrastructure Cables Gulf Cable & ElectriccalIndustries Co. Kuwait Cater to more than 35 years ofexperience Gulf Cable reported revenuesof KWD119.3m in 2012
Infrastructure Steel Gunung Steel Group Indonesia Head office and mills are situatedon an industrial area of over 200


The group exports more than50 % of its products to Belgium,

English, the Netherlands,

Dubai, Australia, etc

Infrastructure Sanitary ware Hang Thailand 70 percent of products distributedlocally, and rest exported to

international markets

Certified by ISO 9001 fordesign and production process

of faucets, showers and

bathroom accessories.

Infrastructure Tiles Johnsons India “Its pan-India distribution networkis one of the largest in the

industry and comprises of over 33

modern retail stores called House

of Johnson & Johnson Corners.”

“5: The number of times H &R Johnson (India) has received



2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 &


Infrastructure Sanitary ware Johnsons Suisse Malaysia 2006: company was acquired byROCA Corporacion Empresarial


The first sanitaryware companyin Malaysia to obtain the internationally

recognised ISO 9001


Infrastructure Offshore & marineconstruction Keppel Corporation Singapore Keppel Shipyard Pvt Ltdwas formed followed by

corporatisation of the Dockyard

Department of the Port of

Singapore Authority managed by

British ship repair group, Swan


2009: The sale of its 45% stakein SPC further strengthened

Keppel’s balance sheet.

Infrastructure Tiles Rak Ceramics UAE ƒƒ Manufactures 500 pieces ofbathware every hour globally 2010 till now: officially recognizedas the worlds largest

ceramic tiles manufacturer

and becomes a USD 1 billion

conglomerate, selling 1 billion

sq.m of tiles and 50 million

pieces of bathware worldwide

Infrastructure Cement Saudi Cement Company Saudi Arabia Received ISO certificate basedon the new ISO standard in

the year 2004 which has been

granted by TUV NORD.

SSC has supplied its cementproducts to most of the infrastructure

projects that were

carried out in Saudi Arabia

such as the Airports projects,

the sea ports projects, the

Causeway etc

Infrastructure Cutlery Siam Ceramics Thailand New plants were launched in theyear 2016 Production capacity increasedby 40 percent on 2016
Infrastructure Steel Pipes SSP Saudi Arabia SSP has been recognised aspremier manufacture of steel


Quality system is based on ISO9001;2008 API specification


Infrastructure Cables & Wires Tai Sin Singapore To cater for the robust growthin the regional market, Tai

Sin operates three cable

manufacturing plants. They are

located in Singapore, Malaysia

and Vietnam

It has grown steadily based ona sound business philosophy

of providing quality products

using leading edge technology,

backed by unfailing excellence

in customer service and faster

turnaround time to maintain

customer loyalty

Infrastructure /Cement – Premium


Cement UltraTech India UltraTech’s goal is to scale itscapacity to 74 MTPA With a 20% market share ingrey cement in India, every

fifth house in India is made of

UltraTech Cement

Infrastructure /Cement – Premium


Cement Bharathi Cement India “Kadapa plant is built over an areaof 487 acres with a mining areaof

the world renowned Narzi

limestone of 1562 acres.”

“Highest clinker despatches of54,226 tonnes in July 2015”
Infrastructure /Tiles – Premium


Tiles Kajaria India Kajaria’s manufacturing multiplied70 folds, since its inception

in 1988

2004: Launched vitrified tileswith imports. Today, Kajaria is

the largest producers of vitrified

tiles in India

Infrastructure /Tiles – Premium


Tiles Simpolo India “ƒBeing known as ‘Industry 1st ‘in putting world-class production


“ƒƒ 2015:The brand crossedrevenue of

USD 100 Million”

Infrastructure /BathFittings – Promising


Bathroom Accessories Perk India “The brand’s assortment includesover 19 different lines of luxury

bathroom accessories and

introduction of new luxury

bathroom accessories sets

throughout the year.”

“ƒA combination of inspirationaldesigns, wide product

ranges, positive brand recall

and a clear focus on the present

and the future”



Sanitary ware Cera India India’s first sanitaryware companyto obtain ISO 9002 and ISO


1980: The year in which CERAwas established
IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Batelco Bahrain “Batelco is Bahrain’s leading integratedcommunications provider” “2013: The year in whichthe brand has sponsored the

United Nations Public Service

Forum in June 2013.”

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Celcom Malaysia Celcom Axiata Berhad, DBACelcom, is the oldest mobile

telecommunications provider in

Malaysia. Celcom is a member of

the Axiata group of companies.

Through the Mobile NumberingPortability by the Malaysian

Communications and Multimedia

Commission, CELCOM

also provides Virtual Mobile

Operator services. Celcom also

provides rural communications

services using CDMA Technology

and Satellite Phone.

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Du Telecom UAE “It is listed on the Dubai FinancialMarket (DFM) and trades under

the name Du.”

“2012: The year in which thebrand received the ‘Corporate

Governance Award’ from UK’s

World Finance magazine.”

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Globe Telecom Philippines Globe Telecom commonlyshortened as Globe, is a major

provider of telecommunications

services in the Philippines, supported

by over 6,200 employees

and nearly 1.05 million retailers,

distributors, suppliers, and business

partners nationwide.

The company operates one ofthe largest mobile, fixed line,

and broadband networks in the

country, providing communications

services to individual

customers, small and mediumsized

businesses, and corporate

and enterprise clients. Globe

currently has about 48.4

million mobile subscribers,

nearly 3.5 million broadband

customers, and 858.9 thousand

landline subscribers.

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Mobily Saudi Arabia The consortium is led by UnitedArab Emirates firm Etisalat who

owns 27%, with 45% held by 6

strategic local partners

The company launched 3.5Gservices on 27 June 2006 and

4G services on 13 September


IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Nawras Oman They serve around two millioncustomers across the sultanate Since 2012, They have been anintegerated services telecommunication


IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Ooredoo Qatar “Ooredo struck the largesttelecom Deal in the Arab world

by acquiring Wataniya for $3.8


“2011: The year in which QatarTelecom (Qtel) became the first

company in Qatar to reach

internet trial speeds of 100

megabits per second.”

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Singtel Singapore Singapore TelecommunicationsLimited, commonly abbreviated

as Singtel, is a Singaporean telecommunications

company, with a

combined mobile subscriber base

of 500 million customers

Singtel controls significantmarket share in Singapore, with

82% of the fixed-line market,

47% of the mobile market and

43% of the broadband market

in Singapore.

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Srilanka Telecom Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) isa telecommunications services

provider in Sri Lanka and

one of the country’s largest

companies[verification needed]

with an annual turnover in excess

of Rs 40 billion.

The company provides domesticand corporate services

which includes Fixed and Wireless

Telephony, Internet Access

and IT services to Domestic,

Public sector & Business sector


IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Telkom Indonesia Indonesia Increased the number of mobilesubscribers by 13.0 million to

107.0 million subscribers by the

end of 2011

The covered segments are rangingfrom individual to small

and medium enterprises as well

as corporations

IT & TELECOM InformationCommunications


Vads Malaysia VADS Berhad (VADS) is one ofMalaysia’s leading Integrated

Managed ICT/BPO Service

providers. Having grown from

a joint venture between IBM

Global Network Services and

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) in

1991, VADS today is a whollyowned

subsidiary of TM; serving

more than 500 medium to large

businesses across industries.

VADS was listed on the SecondBoard of Bursa Malaysia

Securities Berhad (then Kuala

Lumpur Stock Exchange)

(Bursa Securities) on 7 August

2002 — making it the first TM

subsidiary to be listed. It was

transferred to the Main Board

of Bursa Securities on 10 March


IT & TELECOM Mobile NetworkOperator Viettel Mobile Vietnam Viettel Group is Vietnam’s largestmobile network operator. Viettel currently has 80,000employees inside and outside

the country.

IT & TELECOM Telecommunication Zain Kuwait “Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange,there are no restrictions

on Zain shares as the company’s

capital is 100% free float and

publicly traded.”

“2012: In this year Zainachieved consolidated revenues

of KD 1.32 billion (USD

4.79 billion)”

Lifestyle BabyProducts Anakku Malaysia Recently launched the “Toucha Home” charity driv where

RM250,000 was set aside to

refurbish ten childrens homes

2003: Celebrated 30th Anniversaryin malaysia, signifying a

commitment that had endured

in providing the best

Lifestyle Apparel Dapper Thailand “The journey of Dapper towardsbecoming one of the most

renowned brands of high-end

clothing and apparel to

come out of Thailand began in

the year 1979.”

“2: The number of times theturnover is expected to rise

through its international operations.”

Lifestyle Accessories Pranda Jewellery Pcl Thailand Won the prime ministers’s exportaward for the 4th time in the

year 2004, and won the best own

design exporter

Currently has a registeredcapital of 410 million baht and

is headquartered in Bangkok,


Lifestyle Designers Ravish Kapoor India Ravish Kapoor is a brand that specializesin the conceptualization

of invitation cards and unique

branding and packaging design.

The clients come from all overthe globe knowing that Ravish

Kapoor’s name is synonymous

with ‘elegance’ and ‘style’

Lifestyle Accessories SJC Vietnam 2011: won GOLD medal intop 500 retailer in Asia-Pacific

in 2011 and also ranked

number four in VNR500 by the

Vietnamese government

2006: year of record businessturnover: highest production,

highest turnover and highest

profit of SJC gold bar

Lifestyle- Gems &Jewellery Accessories Shaze India “ƒShazé wants to be a majorplayer in the e-commerce as well

as retail business”

“Shazé’s philosophy has alwaysbeen about design and the

launch of ‘erbi’-design studio,

is the first step in giving consumers

extra ordinary experience

through its products”

ManufacturingSteel TMT Jindal Panther India It is distributed through 42distributors and 1500 dealers

across the country

Jindal Panther TMT Rebarsare delivered directly at the

customers’ work site exclusive

of any delivery cost

ManufacturingSteel TMT Kamdhenu India Kamdhenu Limited has beena pioneer in this revolutionary

concept of Franchisee Model

Established Paint competitiveforces
Media &Entertainment News Paper Al Hayat Saudi Arabia A 2005 article in The New YorkTimes described Al-Hayat as a

“decidedly Arab nationalist paper”

Many columinsts contributedto the op-ed pages of

Al-Hayat ever since it has been

relaunched in 1988

Media &Entertainment News Channel Al Jazeera MediaNetwork Qatar “The Al Jazeera logo is a decorativerepresentation of the

network’s name written using

Arabic calligraphy. It was selected

by the station’s founder, Emir of

Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa,

as the winning entry in a design


“2013: In this year Al JazeeraMedia Network announced

that it had purchased ‘Current

TV’ in the United States and

would be launching an

American news channel”

Media &Entertainment TelevisionChannel Ary Digital Pakistan ARY Digital Formely know as thePakistani Channel, was launched

in the United Kingdom in December


ARY Digital Formely know as thePakistani Channel, was launched

in the United Kingdom in December


Media &Entertainment News Paper Bangkok Post Thailand The Bnagkok Post Newspapercontinues to be number one

english newspaper in terms of

readship ,circulation and advertising


The newspaper isknow forproviding critical coverage and

commentary on controversial


Media &Entertainment Advertising Bright outdoor India Bright is the Outdoor Partner ofalmost 95% of the movies that are

released in Bollywood

Bright is the one-stop choicefor many builders, jewelers,

luxury cars showrooms, educational

institutes, etc.

Media &Entertainment ShoppingMall Cathay Singapore In the 1990s cathay expanded beyondfilm production,distrubution

& exhibition into other business

Cathay Strives to be innovativeand is constantly on the

forefront of the entertainment

industry to develop new and

interesting experiences for the

enjoyment of its customer in

singapore .

Media &Entertainment Advertising Emirates Neon Group UAE “It was in 1976 that EmiratesNeon, popularly known as ENG,

started its journey with a visionary

like Mr. Muhammed Hanif

Merchant at its helm.”

“6: The number of regions ithas operations in.”
Media &Entertainment News Paper Gulf News UAE “An independent survey of Arabmedia called ‘The Arab Media

Outlook 2011- 2015’, rated Gulf

News as the most

read newspaper of the UAE.”

“2012: In this year, an IpsosSurvey report showed that 50.7

per cent of all non-Arabs in the

UAE read Gulf News”

Media &Entertainment News Paper New Straits Times Malaysia It currently retails atRMI.20.2011, 3D publication was

introduced to the paper’s print

and online editions.

Malaysia’s oldest Englishnewspaper still in print having

been founded as The Straits

Times in 1845, and was

reestablished as the “New

Straits Times” in 1965.

Media &Entertainment Publishing House Saudi Research AndPublishing Company Saudi Arabia The newspaper has diversifiedcontent, covering regional politics,

social issues, economic and

business news, with sports and

entertainment in addition to 21

specialized supplements.

SRPC, a SRMG subsidiary,the first Media Company that

publicly offered a share of its

capital in an IPO, in the first

quarter of 2006.

Media &Entertainment Publication Singapore PressHoldings Singapore SPH produces more than 100magazine titles In 1984,SPH was formedthrough amerger of three

organisations -the straits Times

Press group,the singapore

News & Publications Limited

&times Publishing Berhad

Media &Entertainment News Paper The Manila Times Philippines The oldest existing English languagenewspaper newspaper in

the Philippines.

Manila Times is presently thefourth largest newspaper in


Media &Entertainment News Channel Trans7 Indonesia TRANS7 started as a private stationthat promotes intelligence,

sharpness, warmth, is full of

entertainment and has an active


It is committed to maintainthe integrity of the nation and

the values of democracy with

renewed moral quality impressions

that can be accepted by


Personal Care Beauty Products Hygienic ResearchInstitute India 2004: Streax hair colour waslaunched in India 1,74,997 number of stores inIndia selling streax
Personal Care Health & WellnessEquipment Ogawa Malaysia “The company was acknowledgedas the 29th Most Valuable Brand

in Malaysia with a brand value of

RM 104 million in 2008.”

“The company wasacknowledged as the 29th Most

Valuable Brand in Malaysia.”

Personal Care SPA Thann Thailand “It has expanded into the spabusiness with the high end Thann

Sanctuary Spa and from there

on to the café business and the

consumer to find solutions that

are with Thann Café.”

“7: The number of differentcollections it offers using

different key ingredients.”

Personal Care Beauty Products Unza Malaysia A portfolio of 48 brands over275 products in 1500 packaging

formats that are sold in over 36


It services an estimate 58,000retail outlets across south east

asia and greater china

Real Estate Construction Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi Aldar operates a portfolio ofschools in Abu Dhabi through

its Aldar Academies division,

delivering high-quality education

to around 3,500 children from

4-18 years of age including 40

different nationalities

2011: The year in which Aldarsigns up five leading UAE retail

groups for Yas Mall

Real Estate Construction Blue Mountain Sri Lanka The company is currentlyenjoying a remarkable growth rate

of 70%+ against last year

Blue Mountain Group acquiredthe BankhillWellness & Sports

(Pvt) Limited

Real Estate Construction Capital Land Singapore It owns The Ascott Limited, theacknowledged leader in the serviced

residence sector.

24- the number of awards andrecognitions it has garnered in

2013 alone.

Real Estate Construction Damac UAE Received Big Project B GreenAward “Developer of the Year” In 2012 received “OutstandingDevelopment of the Year”

award (Al Jawharah)

Real Estate Construction Dar Al Arkan Saudi Arabia 2010: The year in which Mr. BoonYoon Chiang joined Oclaner. 40 % – the stellar growthpercentage the brand has

averaged in the last two years

Real Estate Construction Emaar UAE “It was in 1997 that Emaar wasestablished and changed the

landscape of the country”

“500: the amount in millionAED were raised by the brand

by issuing trust certificates

last year.”

Real Estate Construction Kong & Jaafar Sdn Bhd Malaysia Carried outValuations in theUK, Australia, New Zealand,

Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea,

the solomon, islands, Vanuatu,

canada and China

Registered with the ministryof finance, the east coast

economic region and iskandar

investment berhad

Real Estate Construction Ozone Grouop India Financial partners like Piramalcapital, Urban Infrastructure,

HDFC reality, Blackstone who

have shown faith in Ozone group”

“The group has acquired over5000 customers in last 5 years.”
Retail Stores Alfa Mart Indonesia With more than 70,000 employees,Alfamart is one of the largest

employers in Indonesia.

Alfamart is currently one ofthe Indonesia leading retailers,

serving more than 3.0 million

customers daily, with approximately

10,300 stores across


Retail Shopping Mall Ayala Malls Philippines Ayala Malls is a real-estate subsidiaryof Ayala Land, an affiliate

of Ayala Corporation. Founded in

1988, Ayala Malls own a chain of

large shopping malls, all located

in the Philippines.

Ayala Malls is the third largestshopping mall retailers in the

Philippines, after SM Supermalls

and Robinsons Malls.

Retail Shopping Mall Emax UAE “The Emax flagship store is theirBig Box Showroom in Sharjah. It

is a state-of-the-art store, spread

across 135,000 square fee”

“The Emax Millionairecampaign – an initiative

launched in 2012 in line with

Dubai Shopping Festival which

gives AED 1 Million to one

lucky shopper each year”

Retail Departmental Store Gazzaz Saudi Arabia Gazza are the leading luxuryretailer in Saudi Arabia and

operates 35 showrooms

throughout the kingdom

Gazza showrooms are the destinationsof choice for discerning


Retail Stores King Power Thailand YOY Growth: from 2014-2015was 35.11% Q-MARK certification has beenreceived by King Power consistently

since 2006

Retail Supermarket Ntuc Fairprice Singapore NTUC Fair Price has grown to becomeSingapore’s largest retailer

serving about 430,000 shoppers

daily, with a network of over 160


NTUC Fair Price has kept pacewith the changing needs of its

customers while remaining

commited to its social mission

Retail Supermarket Shendg Siong Singapore Sheng Siong is one of Singapore’slargest retailers with over S$687.4

million in revenue

The group received HACCPcertification for processing

of fish, seafood, meat and


Retail Fashion Store Splash UAE Splash is Middle East’s largestfashion retailer and part of the

Landmark Group, one of the biggest

retail conglomerates in the

Middle East, India and Africa

“Splash has grown to over 200stores and 50 brand stores

across 13 countries. With an

eye for the latest global trends

and reflecting an everyday

attitude, Splash’s ‘Fashion 365’

binds together a collection that

creates a definite style statement.”

Retail Shopping Mall Starmalls Inc Philippines Starmalls boats of anover-40-years-old tradition of excellence It targets to open 22 shoppingcenters by 2017
Retail Shopping Mall Sunway Pyramid Malaysia Sunway Pyramid is Malaysia’s firsttheme shopping and entertainment


Sunway Pyramid Ice is the firstworld-class Ice-sports entertainment

facility in Malaysia

Retail Store The Sultan Center The Sultan Center In 1976 Mr. Jamil Sultan foundedPSC Supply, a division of The

Petroleum Services Company.

Operations to 65 stores in fivecountries today.
Services Logistics Agility Kuwait Established in Kuwait in 1979 by2004 grew to be the largest provider

of logisctics in Middle East

Over 5000 Empoyees in 500offices in more than 100


Services Aviation Air Asia Malaysia “It was named Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier By TTG Travel

Awards in 2011.”

“2012 Thai AirAsia operated27 aircraft (two aircraft under

finance leases) with 174 flights

per day to 30 destinations

domestically and


Services Real Estate Al Futtaim Group UAE One of the most successful andrespected conglomerates in the

Middle-East, the Al Futaim group

began operations in the 1930s.

500 million invested inacquisitions in recent years.
Services Hotels & Resorts Berjaya Malaysia On 26 May 2010, BCorp wasadded to the Morgan Stanley

Capital International (MSCl) Malaysia


Berjaya Corporation currentlyhas 16,000 employees, which is

growing constantly as the company

achieves new height.

Services Aviation Biman BangladeshAirlines Bangladesh “Biman Airways owns the pride ofcarrying 6, 56,000 hajj pilgrims

to the holy shrines of the Saudi

Arabia since inception.”

“Has air service agreementswith 42 countries.”
Services Aviation Cebupacific Philippines Only carrier to offer fun gamesservice on board Launched its international operationsin 2001 and now flies

to Bangkok, Busan, Guangzhou.

Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong,

Jakarta, Kota Kinabatu etc.

Services Transport Comfort Delgro Singapore Owns SBS Transit, VICOM Limited,ComfortDelgro Driving centre,

Metroline, Vinataxi (Vietnam)

Overseas ventures account for50 % of the company’s revenue

and intends to derive 70% of

its total revenue from abroad in

the next 5 years.

Services Travel Service Ctc Travels Singapore Initited by them in 2007,Harmoni Holidays is a seven

member local consortium of

travel agents

Incorporated in 1990 as aSingapore based tour operator,

it has evolved into a leading

travel and tour operator today.

Services Logistics Dp World UAE 2012: They handled more than56 million TEU Has a portfolio of more than65 marine terminals across 6


Services Hotels & Resorts Dusit Thani Thailand Dusit Thani Bangkok, became thecompany’s flagship hotel opened

in 1970 and from the beginning

has set new standards for


Dusit International also announcesits first step in China

– Dusit Thani Hainan and Dusit

Devarana Hainan slated to

open in 2013

Services Aviation Etihaad Airways UAE “The company has a significant30 per cent stake in Airberlin, the

sixth largest airlines in Europe as

well as a 40 per cent stake in Air


“205 the number of aircrafts ithas recently ordered.”
Services Hotels Frasers Hospitality Singapore “80% of corporate customers arefrom Fortune 500 companies.” “Frasers commits to “meetingthe unique needs of the executive

travelers through continuous

innovation” – providing

customers with the space,

family and community away

from home.”

Services Aviation Gulf Air Bahrain In 2000 the airline celebratedits 50th anniversary. They operate scheduled servicesto 41 destinations in 30

countries across Africa, Asia

and Europe.

Services Luxury Hotels Jumeirah UAE “Jumeriah has tied up with someof the world’s leading financial

brands such as American Express,

MasterCard & Visa, to enable its

customers to earn more rewards

every time they use their cards at

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts.”

“2013: The year in which BurjAl Arab – The world’s most

posh seven star hotel was

awarded by Ultratravel

Awards 2013 as the Best Hotel

in the Middle Eas”

Services Travel Service Lama Tours UAE “Managed over 200 events inDubai itself, and had over 100

others who seeked sponsorship to

establish association”

“2012 – The IndiGo aircraft,dubbed the ‘Lama Flight’,

landed in Dubai on 11

August, 2012 from Delhi

carrying 167 passengers.”

Services Hotel Meritus Hotel Singapore Meritus Hotels & Resorts is aSingapore-based hotel management

company under the Hospitality

Division of Overseas Union

Enterprise (SGX-ST: “OUE”), a

Singapore Exchange-listed fully

integrated developer with a diversified

portfolio of prime assets

across the retail, commercial,

residential, and hospitality sectors

primarily in Singapore.

Meritus is long established asan icon of world-class Asian

hospitality in Singapore. The

brand founded its roots from

its flagship Mandarin Orchard

Singapore – then The Mandarin

Singapore, the first hotel of

its scale and calibre to be

built on Orchard Road in the

late 1960s.

Services(IndustryType is IT& Telecom) Telecommunications Star Hub Singapore “It provides the country withservices as diverse as mobile tv,

3G femtocell (calling from the

home number through your cell

phone) and internet tv amongst

others that make it a leader

in innovation and gives it the

first mover advantage in all its


“18: The number of free destinationsin which it provides

free IDD calls.”

Services Restaurant Hot Pot Thailand In collaboration with theDepartment of Advertising,

Faculty of Communication Arts,

Bangkok University organized a

national advertising campaign,

MADD Awards 2013

2012: The year in which Dr.Arun Kumar Sharma CMD, was

awarded””Rajiv Gandhi Rashtiya

Ekta Samman””award for outstanding

services, achievements

and contributions.

Services Aviation Thai Airways Thailand THAI flies to 78 destinations in 35countries, using a fleet of more

than 80 aircraft

THAI flies to 78 destinations in 35countries, using a fleet of more

than 80 aircraft

Services d2h Service Videocon d2h India Xxxxx1st Satellite LCD andSatellite DVD, India’s first HD

DVR with 3D

Xxxxxsed the 1 mn subscriberbase in August 2010
Services Logistics Tiger Logistics India Tiger Logistics obsessive desire tosatisfy its customers which will

work in favor of Tiger Logistics

writing History

Tiger Logistics India Limited is aBSE Listed Entity
Stationary Paper Avalon Sri Lanka 40 percent of the trees planted bythe paper mill to replace every 20

percent of the trees cut down for

raw material

1983: The year in whichAvalon was introduced to the

Sri Lankan market.

Stationary Paper Double A Thailand “It came up with the process ofmaking paper from specialised

Double A trees that attained

maturity in just 2-3 years,”

The company operates in over8 countries
Stationary Writing Material Flair Pens India Flair is an ISO 9001:2008 and SA8000:2008 certified company and

abides to all the global guidelines

In 1975 the brand Venturedinto exports

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