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akshaaraThe dream of Communicate India came forth within the four walls of a 23 year-old’s home with a single client. Within four years,as our body of work took shape and our roots gained a stronger foothold, we began to grow exponentially, and currentlyhave over 60 people onboard with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. We pride ourselves in being a 360-degree public relations and digital branding solutions media agency that is defined by its people, work processes, ideation and our strong commitment to going the extra mile for our clients. In short, we believe in being disruptive in an era which is just taking flight.

The Public Relations industry in India is still at its nascent stage where the main focus is limited to conventional PR practices such as dissemination of press releases, securing coverage in quantity and availing exclusive interviews with leading newspapers. However, the industry in general is currently witnessing a transitionto the digital domain, creating high levels of competition, which in turn requires service providersto be disruptive in nature. Hence, our core aim is to deliver innovative path-breaking solutions which set brands apart from the clutter.

In the biblical story of ‘David and Goliath’, the young shepherd boy chooses an unconventional path. Instead of physically fighting with the giant, he uses a sling to bring him down. Similarly, the constant need for persistence and creativity in the industry, has led to the market opening up significantly, offering new disruptive companies opportunities to break the glass, while competing with the Goliaths of the world.

In the short time that we have been in the industry, Communicate India has witnessed over 100% growth year on year. Owing to word-of-mouth, we have acquired big accounts like Hard Rock Café, Mindshare, Cytecare and BookMyShow among others. Not only are we willing to go the extra mile for our clients, but we are also focused on re-inventing the rules of the game. We believe that we are as good as the people we hire.

Our employee force is a talented mix of young and vibrant individuals, and it is their constant energy that inspires us to go above and beyond ourselves in delivering the best.
Our ability to think differently has helped Communicate India successfully create a niche for itself in the PR and Digital industry. One of our most successful campaigns was Francesco’s Pizzeria, a small pizza joint in Lower Parel. Brought on board to handle their PR mandate, our biggest challenge was to hype the brand and compete with biggies like Dominos Pizzas, Pizza Express etc. Along with the CEO, we conceptualized an idea for a drone to successfully airlift a Margarita pizza to a customer’s residence which was located about 1.5 km from the restaurant. The video was uploaded on Youtube and we issued an exclusive interaction with Press Trust of India.

The story was a huge success, appearing on the front page of the Times of India and covered by several publications including Mid-Day, NDTV and CNBC. The video went viral with over 6 million views on Youtube and over 60,000 hits on Twitter. It also made its way to the international media with New York Times and Italian radio stations covering our story.
Another successful campaign was for JusDivine, a company dedicated to providing healthy cold pressed juices. Communicate India tied up with food blogger, AdarshMunjal a.k.a. The Big Bhookad. We put him through a 30-day challenge, measuring his cholesterol levels, blood pressure and other health parameters, as well as connecting him with fitness guru, Mickey Mehta. Fortnightly, changes in Adarsh’s overall health and weight were noted, at the end of which we observed a significant change. Furthermore, the #JusDivineCampaign cascaded into a chain-effect with other bloggers including Caramel Wings taking it up, thus creating a media stir.

Our success can be largely attributed to ourunderstandingthat every brand has its own unique target strength. As a communications agency, it’s imperative that you know what tools to use in order to reach a wider audience and connect with them in their respective socio-cultural and linguistic codes. Research and planning are vital, as solid groundwork helps establish a target market as well as identify the competition. We also believe in the importance of working in synergy with our clients. As opposed to simply carrying out their demands or enforcing our ideas, our service is a two-way street where perform advisory functions, think proactively and create properties. We don’t see ourselves as vendors and them as clients, but instead think of it as a partnership that grows with time.

Above all, Communicate India treats every client as it’s most important; regardless of it being a Fortune 500 company or a small business. You never know who your clients are connected to and happy clients would not hesitate to make referrals. After all, it is today’s small companies that are likely to grow into big businesses of tomorrow.

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