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Ajay Bijli
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ajayChairman – PVR Ltd

Ajay Bijli an entrepreneur who loves to lead a luxurious life has made a fortune for himself by building PVR cinemas, largest cinema chain of India. PVR the chain of multiplexes is one of the largest entertainment businesses of India that provides opportunities to many other related industries. He is the chairman and managing director of PVR ltd, since 1990. It all started when Ajay was in his early twenties when he realized that his real forte lied in cinema business. It is surprising to know that the man who changed the way we now watch movies in India had very little to do with the business of cinema while growing up. His family was in the transport business.

Key attributes:

1. He possessed great passion towards his cinema business as such he convinced his father to revamp their Priya cinema theatre in Delhi. He chased his vision and built it on quality and consequently as the days passed attained huge success besides doing his family transport business.

2. Committed and analytical to his decision about his cinema business.

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