Rabeth-KhanA man carved out of ambition for success, and gratitude towards his bearers, is a man who is destined to create fortunes in his path towards attaining sustainable success. His philosophy in business to give an organisation’s culture the foremost place and filter it down to the last employee of the company has been a major factor contributing to his propitious career as the Joint Managing Director of Somany Ceramics Ltd. One major factor behind the awe-inspiring ascendancy of Somany Ceramics is the mental outlay of this man, his belief that provides him the required impetus to think big and to believe in his team. His ability to encourage young ideas and minds and understanding their energetic aura and tech savvy bent of mind has turned to be a boon for this research oriented brand. It was his analytical competence that brought to market the first ever patented technology in Indian Ceramics Industry – the VC Shield Technology making tiles tough, durable and long lasting.

A man with an eye for honesty, who evaluates one’s values on his ability to speak the truth, vision of whom, is believed in by his people, a man of tenacity and vigour is a man worth standing up for. Abhishek Somany has delivered what many leaders fail at – sustainable competence. His ideology of making every employee sensitive towards nature in order to save costs makes him not only futuristic but also unconventionally effective. For a man as deliberate, yet wrapped in all his candidness is a man who promises a lot to this industry, in times to come.




  • Keeping an organization upbeat so much so that under his leadership Somany received patent for its VC Shield Technology, India’s most durable tiles – a first in the tiles industry.
  • ƒƒHis command led them to global foothold with its products accepted in the global markets.
  • ƒƒHis persona emits confidence in his organization and the market while he believes that the Ceramics Industry has just begun and it has a long way to go.
  • ƒƒHis vigour as a spearhead makes them venture into retailing and also sanitary ware and C P fittings.
  • ƒƒHe is one man who has turned his aspirations into his possibilities making it one major reason why Somany Ceramics generates a youthful, trendy and innovative recall.

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