Abhimanyu Ghosh Editorial: Great Brands and great leaders triumph in adverse situations
Abhimanyu Ghosh
Abhimanyu Ghosh, editor in chief, wcrcleaders

Abhimanyu Ghosh Editorial:

Great Brands and great leaders triumph in adverse situations

With our charismatic Prime Minister on a globe-trotting mission to ensure India a place rightfully in all investor circles and cementing national ties with the most developed nations, 2015 has been a year of great ups and down, for the country and around the globe. Slow-downs, recessions and miseries have ruled the year. Yet there’s something bright and nice waiting to bloom. I have always said that the fighters and survivors are differentiated with their abiity to turn-around the worst of situations. And winners are made of steel, just the way our Prime Minister has shown every way. Though he faces massive criticism from a large strata and divisons, just like any successful person would, but a man on mission does, what he is destined to do. With due respect to opposers of Mr. Modi, who are absolutely entitled to opinion, as the world’s largest democracy would allow, let me assure you without any prejudice that by a clear mile he is more charismatic and result oriented than any leader India had. It feels proud when an Indian literally takes the roof off with his speech at a venue as desirable as Wembley, to a reception that often a World Cup winning soccer team gets. That’s the followership he generates. That must be for all the great work he is doing. Please attack him more so that he delivers as much that he has promised. Bihar and few other so called humiliations according to Political Pundits and the media are always welcome. He is a visionary who is charting a path that most of other leaders dont even think of. Call it marketing genius, sharp-shooting strategies, mesmerizing oratory skills or luck, he is a genius of a leader. Nobody is perfect, nobody gave us hope. Atleast he has sold hope and given a final breath of fresh air that India was looking for.

Well, the year may have been tight and tough for majority of the industries. But no cloud is ever as dark where sunlight doesnt peep through. Then there are these shining bright lights in the industry who showed the maximum promise even in adverse situations. At WCRC, we conduct the research on India’s Most Promising Brands. Last year it had its fair share of limelight in London, when India’s Most Promising Brands were given their fair share of credits by global luminaries. In its second year this time, we have selected a handful of brands who are nothing short of a Constelletion of Luminaries who are shining brightly in an economic environment troubled by slow-downs and recession. Just like our pragmatic Prime Minister, these are brands who have worked with their heart. And its the simplest theory of all. Wherever there is heart, there is soul. And where there is soul, there would be victory. The WCRC India’s Most Promising Brands is a round the year research process that ensures the selection of the most promising brands in India who are shaping the future.
This issue is a salutation to brands and leaders who have fought all adversities to be the shining star.

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