Rabeth-KhanAbdul Aziz Al Ghurair is the man behind the success of the Mashreq bank, one of UAE’s most successful financial institutions, that is going strong even in the face of a global meltdown. Armed with a honours degree in Industrial Engineering, Al Ghurair joined the banking business in the year 1997. The bank had been conceptualised and brought into existence during the first oil boom, by his father. Over the years he supervised various aspects of the business including the international operations expanding; into countries like The US, The UK, India and Bahrain, just to name a few. It was in 1989 that he took over the operations of the entire banking giant as the CEO.

Under his leadership the bank has grown leaps and bounds with phenomenal growth both in turnover and the bank’s assets. This has been possible because of his dynamic leadership that pushes the bank towards leadership through innovation. He was among the first to introduce innovations like the ATM, the Debit and the Credit cards and his own brand of reward programmes in the UAE when they first appeared on the global banking arena. He was also among the first to understand the need of a customer centric banking system ,that provided him with a one stop solution for all his banking needs. During the global slowdown the bank was lent support by the various interest of the Mashreq group, which he also heads. These diverse interests range from real estate to publishing to petrochemicals He has also served as the speaker to the Federal National Council (FNC) of the United Arab Emirates.




  • Decades of experience in the banking sector ƒƒ
  • A vision to becoming a world banking leader through technical and financial innovations ƒƒ
  • The man behind the international expansion of the bank into three different continents. ƒƒ
  • Diverse interests of the Mashreq group that have supported the core banking business in difficult times ƒƒ
  • A network of associates that span the corporate, financial and political arena built over the years.

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