Rabeth-KhanSuccess is not just witnessing the completion of indi-vidual dreams, but, it’s about being a part of a million dreams. And what bigger dreams could you become a part of, than a man’s dream home! Abdallah Massaad has created a name that has carved its own space into a man’s life. Chief Executive Officer of RAK Ceramics, Massaad, has brought multi-fold shifts in the company’s facade on the market perception front. Post his joining in 2006, within 7 years he led the organization into achiev-ing the feat of manufacturing and selling 1 billion sq.m of tiles. The notable point was achieving the 1 billion mark in a comparatively shorter time as compared to touching the 500 million mark. The legacy of RAK Ceramics is an eye witness to a paradgm shift for the company when Mas-saad’s leadership led them to expansion, when most firms were closing down at the time of recession, i.e. between 2008 and 2010. So much so that they became the world’s largest ceramic manufacturer in 2010 by producing 117 million square meters of tiles, 4.5 million pieces of bath-ware and 20 million pieces of tableware. His cardinal pri- ority is to adapt to the technological and social changes in order to have a complete understanding of the society in which business is done, and evolve accordingly to be on the top of the game.

As a leader he continues to be committed to the task of positioning RAK Ceramics as the world’s leading inno-vator in the ceramics field. He also hopes to make RAK Ceramics a top notch brand globally, keeping intact the professional ethics that he and the company stands for.



  • His philosophies of life about being pro-active and keeping in sync with the latest technology and market trends, inspiring his team to set their targets in alignment with the Company’s objectives, and providing them full support, has helped achieve major milestones.
  • His ability to build long term strategic relationships with distributors and trade partners has helped the Company expand in over 160 countries
  • It was a result of his aggressive efforts that translated RAK Ceramics into becoming the world’s largest manufacturer and a leading ceramic brand.
  • One of his forever cherished achievements is attaining the milestone of 1 billion sq.m and 50 million pieces of bathware in less than half the time as compared to what we took to achieve half these milestone as well as improving profitability and doubling of the share price in the last 2 years.
  • He is driven by the philosophy that– “You spend most of your time at work ,so you should enjoy what you are doing and build your self esteem based on how you work.”

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