AARTI-SURENDRANATHProducer, Actor, Philanthropist

In your own perception- How did you emerge as one of the most powerful Indian women?
I’ve walked many professions, as a Model from the age of 15 to a Leading Lady to great success as a designer of the most exclusive bridal trousseau’s, simultaneously worked on Casting, styling on production then as producer of commercials & feature films; Currently Curating ‘launch’ events & promotional campaigns. Oddly enough none of the professions I chose, came with work experience nor trained or certified backgrounds. I learnt just on the job! I’ve worked very hard, been very tough on myself where I always ended up feeling that the ‘best’ I’d done, was ‘just’ good enough. I’d await the next opportunity to excel further to better the last one. I’ve stood by my conviction & judgement. I’m always & constantly learning, growing, perfecting!

How challenging has your journey been?
In a field where there are no standard fixed norms, nor a pattern of work or a ballpark of what’s required, no school or college courses to train you. Each job & it’s requirements are completely different from the one before. One has to have the commitment, knowledge & discipline to see through each one with perfection, whatever it maybe that lands on your plate. You have to be your own judge & prosecutor & I gradually began to understand the need to do things right. I built up this ‘drive’ to execute each job, at best. It dawned upon me that there are many short- cuts for the same thing & the risk’s I would take, were sometimes not even necessary & were at my own cost, so through the toughest hurdles, I relied on my purely on my instinct & hard work. My biggest challenge has always been to be answerable to myself where I strive to keep raising the bar. The result’s being the final stamp of approval, is what gave me satisfaction.


What things fascinate you the most when you travel?
The Historical legacy of the place along with the landscape. And of course the shopping.
What is a Sunday to you?
A day of the week. Friends , Brunches & I love my work so if that comes on a Sunday no problem.
PS-A message from you to all the future women entrepreneurs/leaders.
Women & the female race of any species is already exceptionally empowered. We’re not born with th ability to procreate life, but to be influences to shape lifestyles & value systems that shape the world for the future. Go forth,express your dynamism.

What has influenced your decisions and thought process at various stages in your career. What/ Who has been your guiding force?
I’ve been an athlete & sports person in my growing years. In every sports team for Inter- school to Inter-state in some. Basketball; Badminton Volleyball; Cricket; It’s very simple, You gain an understanding of the game, its rules & goals. Keep the focus & play along to do your best. This backed with the word “Discipline” [which my father drilled into us] of which I understand & respect with each project I undertake.

Your perception of an empowered woman. How far your industry has / can contribute for the same?
It’s great to see other women professionals , CEO’s of companies, Actors, writers, artists, Business entrepreneurs, Educators. Sportswomen rise & shine in growing numbers. More wonderful to have them recognized & honored in Ad’s & events as they shattered the glass ceiling [on women’s capabilities] to empower aspirations among girls & women.
The ‘perception’ however needs to be honored for it’s very demeaning to see what they’re up to or expected to be for reason to ‘entertain’ in many of our T.V shows which has them very regressed. That definitely needs to change & evolve.

In an industry so dynamic, how as a leader you comply with respect to changing trends, behavioral pattern and expectations of society.
I’m hungry for knowledge and am always learning , absorbing, adapting, trying & working; perfecting. I don’t believe that as yet one has achieved enough- – – Long way to go, much to achieve.

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