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AD Padmasingh Isaac is the Founder and Chairman of the Aachi Group of Companies, India’s No 1 Masala Brand. Widely recognized for his path-breaking and visionary contributions to womanhood lessening the burden of cooking and generating new employment opportunities, creating livelihood for thousands and changing lifestyles of many. Thus, becoming a socially responsible global company with a leading presence in each product developed.
A BBA graduate who started his career, as any normal person in Godrej Soaps Ltd. as Area Sales Manager, his intra-entrepreneurial skills and the commitment he had to attain success made him launch his own product in the year 1995. Later he discovered the requirement of Masalas in day-to-day’s life and with one notion of providing the best branded quality food to the common man at any economic level, he introduced AACHI MASALA in rural and semi – urban areas of Tamil Nadu.
He designed, articulated and implemented marketing strategies that transformed the company from just a family brand to a global brand, revered for its innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and product range of more than 200 products.
Within a span of just 15 years, AACHI out beat its competitors and emerged as the NO.1 FMCG Brand in the whole of India. Mr. Isaac has developed more than 4000 exclusive agents and distributors and more than 12 lakh retail outlets providing 20% margin to retailers in all over India. He has also expanded his business in more than 25 countries including USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, UAE, Mauritus, Maldives, Switzerland, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UAC, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.
His unceasing efforts and determination has made Aachi attain a group sales turnover of more than 1000 crores. Besides the AACHI Brand, Mr. Isaac has also developed recognized brands such as TANJUS, FRISPOO as BLESSO, SABASH, TWINKLE, TWIN BIRDS, RANI, PONNI etc.
Isaac is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist. He has been a firm believer in corporate intervention in the social sector encompassing CSR and philanthropic activities like improvements in the living standards of differently-abled workers, destitute women and children, as a result of which he has employed 40 differently abled and several hundred destitute women in factories. He has provided livelihood to several thousands of Women Self Help Groups who distribute Aachi Products, thus generating income for the rural women folk.

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