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Don’t politicise rape: PM Narendra Modi in UK – Times of India
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Don’t politicise rape: PM Narendra Modi in UK – Times of India

LONDON: The Kathua rape murder case echoed at PM Narendra Modi’s public programme here on Wednesday when he said there should be no politics over rape.

He added that the recent incidents of sexual assault were a shame for the country. “A rape is a rape. How can we tolerate this exploitation of our daughters? But can we compare the number of rapes in different governments? We can’t say there were this many rapes in our government and that many in yours. There cannot be a worse way to deal with this issue,” Modi told the Indian diaspora at an event, Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath, where he referred to the Kathua victim as the “eight-year-old-girl”.

The PM said people need to teach their sons to treat girls with respect. “We ask our daughters what they have been doing when they come home late, but do we ask our sons? These sinners are somebody’s sons!” he said.

Replying a question on surgical strikes on terror launch pads in PoK in 2016, Modi said terrorism wouldn’t ever be accepted. “We believe in peace. But won’t tolerate those who run the industry of exporting terror and kill Indians. We’ll give back strong answers and in the language they understand,” he said to a huge applause.

In the backdrop of Karnataka assembly elections, where BJP has named Lingayat leader BS Yeddyurappa as its chief ministerial candidate, the PM spoke about 12th century social reformer from the community, Basaweshwara.

“We are so divided in India because of caste, but Lord Basaweshwara brought everyone together… We do not know enough about our ancient history yet people know about the Magna Carta.” Noted lyricist and censor board chief Prasoon Joshi, who moderated the programme began the show asking Modi about his life’s journey, telling him that his life began from a railway station but he was coming from the Royal Palace. To this, Modi said: “My life at the railway station taught me so much…the palace is not my story…the person in the railway station was Narendra Modi.

The person in the Royal Palace in London is the sevak of 125 crore Indians.” Modi emphasised his humble background a number of times during the show. “I do not need to read a book to understand poverty. I have experienced it. My policies have to make some change to the lives of these people. We can do justice only when I forget myself.”

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